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5-MEO-DMT tested 91% with gas chromatography - how to interpret results?

Started by PharGone, April 16, 2021, 05:48:54 PM

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hi all -
I sent a sample of 5meo to the lab and the returned the results as 91% 5meo. I understand that this lab has a policy that they don't quantify fillers, salts, inert byproducts of synthesis that are felt to be safe. I think that's because it requires time and energy, reference materials, etc. to do this analysis and they are just making sure everything is 'safe'

But I wonder if anyone out there knows a bit of chemistry and might take a guess at what that 9% really is? I do trust the lab that whatever that 9% is probably isn't dangerous or a concern (although nothing is guaranteed), but I wonder what it is.

Any one know about this?


It would be impossible to know what it is without doing HPLC analysis. Perhaps there is another lab you could send it to in order to find out what else there is?