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Introductions/Newbies / New here and excited
« on: January 01, 2020, 07:36:33 PM »
   I have had a mystical inclination and lively imagination and longing for the mystical ever since a child. I have had a love of things psychedelic and shamanism since about 12 years of age although it has not been a straight path or somethng I have totally immersed myself in.At 17 I dropped my first LSD and at 20 I read Kapleaus Three pillars of zen and dropped LSD again and those truths in Kapleau about zen seemed so obvious in theory lol. I also had an interest in yoga and went to India although I was not ready for yogic or monastic discpline and still to this day more than 20 years later I remain pretty much a novice. I have done Hoffman many times throughout my years and quite often smaller doses that has helped with mood and sometimes higher doses.
   I have also done some tryptamines and mushrooms and some more obscure ones too. About 15 years ago I did 5meo-dmt once and I remember it was short and I felt good but dont remember much more.   The last couple of years I have had great struggles in life even with basic needs such as housing and monetary issues and work and I have also faced total exhaustion and stress. I have taken some smaller doses of LSD analogues ALD-52 and 1cp-LSD that helps at the moment to be positive and get a distance. After recommendation I also tried Ketamine. It helped very temporary against depression but I felt it was not uplifting like other psychedelics.  I also exeperimented with n,n DMT recently which was very interesting. Using a dab pen I was able to make breakthroughs easily in one single inhalation and had 5 breakthroughs with 30-  50 mg. At first there  were those crazy moving patterns and then I was thrown into another place where beings communicated with me. My memory is vague however and after reading many accounts of DMT I realize very few describe much clear and useful information. It is an amazing realm and I am curious but I do think it is beyond human comprehension and I think it might also be risky to go there. But I dont know much about anything.I havent gotten it yet but 5meo-dmt is on my next shamanic list and I am looking forward to be here and read as well. I only  just read a few posts here but already I sense that people here ave reached more understanding then people who uses n,n DMT do. That is just what I think and what do I know in the gran scale of things?Greetings and blessings to all <3 _/|\_

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