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Conversion from Freebase to any liquid form for plugging

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Hi, I've decided to try plugging some synthetic 5-MeO-DMT, but it's in FB form. The main conversion tek to HCL is complex and uses materials I can't easily obtain (for example, pure acetone).

I was wondering if I can simply dissolve it in something like vinegar, without any evaporation step, and plug that solution. If so, is there a specific ratio of vinegar to FB?

Also, how stable would it be for storing for a year or two?

physics envy:
I've tried both methods you mention, and both gave the same experience, so I'd say go with the vinegar method for your initial experiences as it works and is extremely simple.

I mixed a single dose at a time.  I mix the FB with 0.5ml of vinegar and dissolved as best I could, then added another 0.5ml of water.

I'm a bit of a hard head when smoking the FB, and found the same with plugging.  I seem to need around 70mg or so of FB (when plugging) to fully release but others need much start low and work your way up as you see how you react.

Thanks for the tip, I'll try the vinegar plugging.

Wow, 70mg?!?!?!?!? Smoking 10mg is plenty for me to get a full release, and 5mg is always hella intense. I can't even fathom 70mg, not even if it was N,N-DMT!

physics envy:
So sorry for the confusion - I meant that I and many others need 70ish mg when plugging, not when smoking!!!  When smoking, it's in the 20mg range.

I like the slower onset of plugging, but my FB quantity is limited, and found I didn't like how much I need with that ROA.

Wow, I'm really confused now... 20mg vaped sounds like a lot too, for synthetic. Whiteout level?

Also, I thought plugging meant you only needed half the dose of vaping. In this post they talk about 10 mg plugged being potentially equivalent to 20 mg vaped. That's with HCL in water, not FB in vinegar. Is FB in vinegar really that much weaker?


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