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Introductions/Newbies / Re: My introduction
October 03, 2023, 08:48:31 PM
God speed, Eddie.  Surrender and faith are key to direct immersion and the erasure of layers upon layers of self-identification.  The whole universe suddenly  implodes and dissolves into a blinding neon whiteness.  Still,  an unborn yet ancient essence blooms anew, as a wholly unique, most spiritual rebirthing of oneself, blooming as the sacred dreamer.  _/|\_  _/|\_   
Spirituality / Medicine & Mysticism
September 10, 2023, 10:29:19 PM
In regards to the tremendous shift in one's consciousness brought about by ceremony with the sacred 5 molecule, I humbly submit that any attempt to articulate the dissolution of one's ordinary modality of self mesmerizm, is effectively shattered into so much cosmic dust. It might be speculative on my part, but when one's illusions are washed away with such potent force...  who then remains to maintain any iota of cognitive, subjective attention?  I'd add that during every single one of my nondual epiphanies, there occurs a certain degree of total white out.  What happens is not exactly a completely blank canvas, dead voidness, nor a state of helpless comatose.  Rather, without thought process or identity through self-orientation, by what measure does one fathom the unfathomable?  It would be sheer insanity to proclaim that without rational thought, premeditated determination or habitual intention, for any strata of self awareness to survive the wholly dissolving fulcrum of attunement to pure Source omniscience, that the 5 medicine reliably gifts.

What does come through so beautifully and so divinely intended, is that while during the full-eclipsing with the sacred white vacuum of limitless infinity, that insubstancial, yet magnificently effulgent power, there is both soul recognition and deep spiritual resonance. I call it the remembrance.  Minds are frozen by the overwhelming and unbridled force of the 5 molecule. Identification with our accustomed storylines are essentially, temporarily erased yet, something mysteriously wonderful still pulses sublimely, without name, dimension nor any form.  A profound symbiosis occurs to those accustomed to long periods of time without fixation upon thoughts and one's internal dialog.  This is primarily why I so enthusiastically emphasize the magical practice of daily sitting and moving meditation.  Existence is relative to one's mindset and to the programmed patterning of our unique, experientially learned behavior.  Freeze that pattern and conscious-awareness still resides and perception, while it may lack perceivable orientation, voyages on through our willing surrender of control and habitual need for finite quantification...  but still maintains buoyancy through the miracle of focussed attention.

Ultimately, I surmise that in such a buoyant ego stasis, one erasing of self projection and maintenance of concrete reality, a most lovely state of attunement and receptivity blooms.  Within such a vortexial fulcrum of no-thingness...  what appears to be absolute emptiness is essentially a force of limitless potentiality, a beginningless and endless recycling of becoming and in turn, dissolving into sheerest oblivion.  Such is the dualistic nature of 3 dimensional, material existence, as it is birthed, rippens and eventually dissipates back into undifferentiated formlessness. What does remain if everything is so utterly transient?  I hypothesize that pure Source energy resides within all strata of phenomenal occurrences and all degrees of existential being.  Call it the Godhead or the eternal Tao or the Great Spirit...  yet it matters little.  What does emphatically matter, is attunement to this Source energy and a remembrance of always having been indivisibly one with this miraculous field of absolute potentiality, endlessly blooming, ad infinitum.

And then...  out sheerest emptiness explodes luminosity beyond description.  Let there be Light!  There was an overwhelmingly immense, blinding illumination and radiance..  Flooding, cascading, revitalizing effulgence emerges to bring a spark and enlightening vibration of intuitive understanding and then, divine transmission awakens the soul bird to take immortal flight.  Herein, is the sacred treasure, the very kernel of philosophy and of all religions.  As Hermes Trismegistus said so profoundly, nearly 3000 years ago, "As above, so bellow.  As within, so without.  As the universe, so the soul."  Unity is the only law which endures.  We are one and I honor you all with fierce yet loving reverence.  Aho, Namaste and Namaskar.    _/|\_  _/|\_

My apologies for referencing the "1942 printing of Autobiography Of A Yogi" as it was actually published in 1946. That being said, later editions were edited thoroughly by the Self Realization Fellow and censorship was applied.  And I am not professing that entheogenic compounds are valid alternatives to strict Yogic training.  For myself they are not mutually exclusive.  It is as clear as crystal that Sri Lahiri Mahasaya didn't publicly advocate using hashish or herbal drinks to his students, the decades he was a spiritual teacher.  He taught a scientific methodology known of as Kriya Yoga... but upon his first reacquaintance with his Gurudeva, imbibed what was undoubtedly hash oil and mention if herbal drinks prepared by the Master Yogi.  So without further adieu, I cut and pasted the passage I had mentioned above.

"For more than three decades I have waited for you here—waited for you to return to me!' Babaji's voice rang with celestial love. 'You slipped away and vanished into the tumultuous waves of the life beyond death. The magic wand of your karma touched you, and you were gone! Though you lost sight of me, never did I lose sight of you! I pursued you over the luminescent astral sea where the glorious angels sail. Through gloom, storm, upheaval, and light I followed you, like a mother bird guarding her young. As you lived out your human term of womb-life, and emerged a babe, my eye was ever on you. When you covered your tiny form in the lotus posture under the Nadia sands in your childhood, I was invisibly present! Patiently, month after month, year after year, I have watched over you, waiting for this perfect day. Now you are with me! Lo, here is your cave, loved of yore! I have kept it ever clean and ready for you. Here is your hallowed asana-blanket, where you daily sat to fill your expanding heart with God! Behold there your bowl, from which you often drank the nectar prepared by me! See how I have kept the brass cup brightly polished, that you might drink again therefrom! My own, do you now understand?' (perhaps something akin to Ayahuasca?)

"'My guru, what can I say?' I murmured brokenly. 'Where has one ever heard of such deathless love?' I gazed long and ecstatically on my eternal treasure, my guru in life and death.

"'Lahiri, you need purification. Drink the oil in this bowl and lie down by the river.' Babaji's practical wisdom, I reflected with a quick, reminiscent smile, was ever to the fore.

"I obeyed his directions. Though the icy Himalayan night was descending, a comforting warmth, an inner radiation, began to pulsate in every cell of my body. I marveled. Was the unknown oil imbued with a cosmical heat?  (possibly hash oil?)

"Bitter winds whipped around me in the darkness, shrieking a fierce challenge. The chill wavelets of the Gogash River lapped now and then over my body, outstretched on the rocky bank. Tigers howled near-by, but my heart was free of fear; the radiant force newly generated within me conveyed an assurance of unassailable protection. Several hours passed swiftly; faded memories of another life wove themselves into the present brilliant pattern of reunion with my divine guru.

"My solitary musings were interrupted by the sound of approaching footsteps. In the darkness, a man's hand gently helped me to my feet, and gave me some dry clothing.

"'Come, brother,' my companion said. 'The master awaits you.'

"He led the way through the forest. The somber night was suddenly lit by a steady luminosity in the distance.

"'Can that be the sunrise?' I inquired. 'Surely the whole night has not passed?".   _/|\_  _/|\_
Quote from: spritoflight on September 05, 2023, 05:30:13 PMquote author=spritoflight link=msg=56885 date=1693956613]I study Advaita Vedanta through a beloved scolar of Ramana Maharshi. I was blessed to meet him last year (before my first 5MEO) and asked if he thought psychedelics could be helpful to go within : 'No', the teacher said. But it was my prarabha to take 5MEO. I stayed with the memory of that powerfull experience  (where I sank at the bottom of myself - union) for a year before going back to him and exposing it, asking if it was true spirituality. 'No, it is not'. It was certainly disapointing and I still think he doesn't understand ! How arrogant!!
Namaskar, my friend.  Sri Ramana Maharshi has been one of my biggest inspirations for over 45 years now.  My infatuation with Advaita Vedanta began with the writings of Sri Swami Vivekananda, whose eloquent words ignited a flame within my mind's heart.  I threw myself into the teachings of Adi Shankaracharya and honestly, severe austerity and a life of total monastic renunciation is not my path.  That said, timeless wisdom touches each of us in unique ways...  and the ultimate truth is that there are no differences between oneself and The Self.  I've a penchant for naming the higher Self as, the Omniself, as it is all selves at once and yet, remains  unbound by any division nor differentiations.

I strongly feel that direct experience is the only way to merge into states of Samadhi and lose the illusion of one's finite identity. Reliance on any teaching, meditation method or sacred medicine, is still operating within the dualistic realm and frankly, until a seed is ready to sprout, it's silly to adhere concretely to the narrow monastic or scholarly way.

QuoteHe said :
Drugs can only affect what appears in our awareness and whatever is experienced is nourrishing ego.
Drugs cannot drive the mind within only grace can.
Drugs can only lead to a state of 'manolaya', like sleep, wich has no spiritual benefit or lead to more experiences.
Only the mere awarness of I AM can dissolve ego, 'manonassa'.

Grace manifests in many ways.  Worshipping the physical form or spiritual teachings of the Guru cannot automatically bestow Grace.  And while "Drugs" do indeed fuel the ego of the traveler...  entheogenic compounds are not drugs.  Nath yogis, Buddhists and Taoists have used alchemy for thousands if years in their sadhana. If you look closely into the original 1942 printing of Autobiography Of A Yogi, there are clear references of entheogenic substances being used by Sri Lahiri Mahasaya, when he was first reunited with his Gurudeva, Sri Babaji Maharaj.  I will find them and post them here, later on.       

QuoteI was touched that you waited 5 years to share with words what is unspeakable. The answers given by the teacher helped me to see how attached I am to this experience of union. How I refer to it when I think about God. I feel you are too.

One of the greatest ironies about dissolving into the nondual Source, is that we are most compelled to communicate something of the experience, after being reborn into corporeal, material reality. Granted, nothing can be said of the fusion...  but in the post eclipsing aftermath of the whiteout unification, some small jewels crystallizes within the mind's heart and find expression through thoughts, deeds and in essence, vibrationally. And yes, may all souls find ecstatic solice in the realization of undifferentiated, seamless Oneness.  Aho, Namaste and Namaskar. 
The very first time that I smoked 5-MeO-DMT was just over five years ago.  Within seconds...  I experienced falling forwards into an immense void.  My capacity for any subjective perception dissolved into the sheerest emptiness imaginable.  Just moments before all differentiations whited-out, I was certain that I had killed myself.  Then all strata of reality became a silent, insubstantial vacuum of sorts, absorbing and erasing any iota of separation. 

Were there a self witnessing the dissolution, it might have been rather terrifying but all distinction betwixt the inside and the outside had vanished.  All there was, as I later recalled, was this boundaryless, directionless,  no-thingness.  It wasn't all inky blackness nor a blinding luminosity.  It was totally unknown and unknowable, ineffible yet all-pervasive.  This zero point is impossible to describe, naturally, as it is wholly nondual.  Yet, being a monkey...  I must chatter all about what cannot even be feasibly spoken of, nor ever put into language.   Lol. 🐒

I can't say how long this was an endlessly, beginningless, looping continuum...  as I was technically not even there.  Perhaps there is an absolute wealth of unborn potentiation, silently gestating within it's limitless formlessness?  That said and upon further remembrance, after what seemed an infinite degree of silence, a vibration began to be felt.  An oscillation ignited this epic cross friction.  An urge to exist, to be, to experience conscious-awareness incrementally seeded itself as a dawning realization of a dichotomy, a dynamic of self orientation re-crystallized. 

The vibration increased until is was distinctly audible.  But to whom?  The indivisibility of the nondual field began to divide and be divided into individualized cognition and a knowledge of existing.  That which perceives, became aware of that which is perceived.  The unborn was born anew and a powerful desire to exist began to pulse with increased urgency.  The "I" that had dissolved so quickly, re-coalesced into some kind of ancient, yet infantile urge to become.  To be rebirthed into duality. 

But why?  I don't suppose anyone will ever know.  Then there was suddenly a blinding white light exploding from everywhere and from no where.  "Let there be Light!".  Said luminosity manifested some kind of mirrored interplay between the Light itself and the witness to the effulgence.   The auditory vibration pulsed in sync with the rest of the boudaryless light field.  It hummed and crackled, echoing this roaring force, emanating from some unfathomable quietude. 

The newly reborn composite, I/me/myself, that became an individuated vortexial fulcrum, began tearing up.  I had been reborn, separate from the Oneness but deeply in love with the divinity of the whole.  Ego-self wept from the pain of the separation but delighted in the sincere worship of the Godhead.  I suspect that I was in such pure ecstasy for some good measure of time! 

I seemed to recall desiring to become.  Longing to love and be loved in return.  I was both the subject and the object, entwined in some cosmic, mysterious dance.  An understanding of my need to become sentient, bloomed from deeply inside of a mortal heart.  I had remembered now just why I had chosen to be born.  An immense need to create dimensionality resided within the universal pulse which was echoed in the beating of a human heart.  With every heartbeat, a dreaming self declared it's existential being.  I am.  I exist.  But do I really?  How can one be both, the Source and the reflection? 

A sudden remembrance popped up within the fabric of my mind, of having always being at the epicenter of all paradigms all at once and also, of being every little particle and photon riding the waves further away from the unbroken Omniscience...  thus, manifesting an eternity in the making.  Gratitude replaced the blissfulness of indivisibility and a tremendous feeling of wanting to do good service to all other dreaming selves.  I thank you all for arriving here, now.  Together we must heal ourselves and each other.   If love is the buzz and I believe that it surely is...  I emphatically love you all and fiercely so!  Aho, Namaste and Namaskar.

Quote from: ayalight on April 18, 2023, 02:08:59 PM
Hi Rising,

I don't think they are intentionally being fraudulent. I think they, more or less, believe their misguided and misinformed views though I also think this entails a lot of avoidance and denial on their part. I'm somewhat familiar with the principals in the "church" and want to discuss this with them in a way that is considerate of where they are at while also being honest, clear and accurate. Of course, as in any dialog, it takes a willingness on both parts to engage and see ones blind spots and how strongly held positions may be in error.  This may not be possible with them.

I've been Facebook friends with Jenna first, and shortly afterwards, with Greg Lake, having met from one or more of the 5-MeO pages.  Good folks.  And I can vouch for the quality of their vision and dedication to spiritual awakening.  So naming the Church after the molecule, it seemed pretty clear that the sacrament was indeed stated to be 4-HO-5-MeO-DMT, AKA Psilomethoxin. That said, it was always implied and even directly stated the sacrement was essentially, an orally activate form of 5-MeO-DMT, or at least a hybrid molecule which had supplanted the psilocybin and psilocin contained within the cubensis mushroom hosts, leaving no trace of them.  And there's no need for a MAOI to allow for digestion and psychedelic activity.  Providing a slower onset and a longer lasting journey.

I had always believed that they had a team of qualified chemists doing the work and that isolating the highly promoted Psilomethoxin molecule had been likewise, completely conclusive.  I have seen their demo 3-D molecular model and assumed there was definitive science involved.   It's rather disappointing to hear that blind faith is a part of the Church's modus operandi.  Could this point to the possibility of a 5-like placebo effect fueled by psilocybin/psilocin?  I wish Martin Ball would comment about this issue of growing concern.  His personal experiences would potentially shed some much needed light herein.  Be well and stay high but do maintain critical thinking, everyone.   _/|\_ _/|\_

Bellow are 2-D models of the molecules 5-MeO-DMT and 4-HO-5-MeO-DMT  [redacted to save space]
Naturally, I've gone through the gamut of awkward feelings since I posted this thread.  I've shifted my stance from enthusiastic, to confused, to embarrassed and rather dumfounded...  to downright disappointed.  Its' mind numbing that nearly 2,000 Church of Psilomethoxin members have possibly been microdosing  a fraudulent or at least a theoretical, hypothetical sacrament?  Frankly, I am completely flabbergasted and quite mystified by this whole phenomenon.

Color me naive but I expected that the Church had done their due diligence, that they had definitive results and really were providing an edible form of 5-MeO-DMT.  While I joined for the express purpose of purchasing the sacrament, which only members are permitted to do, I began to have my doubts, so I have only invested $55.55 for the annual membership fee.  These new reports only strengthen and confirm my growing doubts.  Mmm...  nope, I don't think I need to pursue this path at all.

The Church has officially frozen it's web site and it's FaceBook page and this doesn't look good at all.   🤔
Quote from: HumbleVoyager on March 28, 2023, 07:53:53 AM
Please don't promote this church until there is GCMS evidence. We have submitted a sample of the sacrament for testing and will post an update once we have an analytical report available.

Understood...  and I am quite eager to know the test results.  Thank you for your endeavors.   _/|\_ _/|\_
Quote from: rainbowbody on March 31, 2023, 09:00:53 AM
Your written experience really resonates with me and shares many similarities to my own.

All one  <3

Many thanx.  The thing that has made itself crystal clear to me is the continued need to ground and integrate the experience that this sacrement overwhelms the pilgrim with.  If we retain even 1/100th of the nondual knowledge and cognition of the limitless Oneness....  it would be a treasure valued beyond one's wildest imagination.   _/|\_ _/|\_
I've spoken to several reliable folks who confirm the presence of 5-MeO-DMT in these shrooms, most notably Martin Ball.  And yes, I do share your trepidation about churches and such organizations.  But so far these folks are loving and informative.   I have joined the church, as only members are able to purchase the mushrooms and will report back when I consume the sacrament.  Be well and shine brightly.   _/|\_ _/|\_   
Introductions/Newbies / Re: New born
February 15, 2023, 10:08:05 PM
Wow...  so simple.  So profound and so very beautiful.  Welcome home, friend.   _/|\_ _/|\_
A wonderful new form of 5-MeO-DMT has allegedly been created and this ushers in an ingestible form of the sacrement, 4-HO-5-MeO-DMT.  It is produced by introducing 5-MeO to pscilocybe cubensis mushrooms, although the 5 is wholly predominant  What a beautiful synthesis!  I've yet to be anointed but it is very exciting news.  Some really good folks had created a church and support network for it's members.  I just wanted to  share the info with you all.  Their website is: [Redacted because we don't source on this forum]   _/|\_ _/|\_
Quote from: seeker on January 16, 2023, 01:59:23 AMThe things which have struck me in my repeated dissolutions into this unity are: the undeniable fact that that unity is truly real, and this dreamscape of duality is like a child's game of make believe - nothing is at stake and nothing can possibly be wrong. It is always clear from "there" that this is true and that it doesn't matter a whit if "I" remember that or believe it from here. And yet this little self persists in having preferences and even worries. So odd. Another thing which I never tire of is the blessed, glorious release from this cramped, tiny, trivial prison of self.

Truly, this dreamscape we each experience is quite the 3-dimensional optical illusion.  That said, we are called to voyage beyond the beyondest of beyonds.  Yes, the totality is the only genuine reality and our challenge is to attune our conscious-awareness to the Source and harmonize our vibrations with all life forms and all unseen, insubstantial phenomena, as well.

QuoteSome say it is like dying - I have not died so I don't know, but being free of this hovel (as nondual teacher Francis Lucille has called it) is the greatest relief it is possible to have. This small and fussy self is not a real thing, it's a pattern of constriction imposed on the eternal infinite One. And the experience of freedom from that pattern is quite difficult to remember clearly once re-imprisoned in the hovel. Another message which is abundantly and emphatically conveyed to this self each time it reconstitutes itself out of the shining nondual Source is that this experience is not "mine". What I take to be "me" when not in unity with Source, is made of That (being as there is in reality nothing other than That), but the me is not God.

Aham Brahmasmi.  I am Brahman/God.  In an Adavaitic sense, the small I is wholly illusory, as all is the Divine quintessence expanding and contracting in a magnificently mesmerizing, enigmatic rhythm.  I drowned as a boy and experienced an OBE and witnessed the great Light...  but it was superficial compared to a near whiteout 5-MeO journey.

QuoteThe humility and reverence that overflows in me as I return from this communion with the All is profound, and I cringe when I sometimes see the experience mistranslated (IMO) as "I am God". All there is, is God, and yet this tiny self is not even a thing, and can no more contain or own the experience of the Divine Source of All, than a goldfish could contain the Pacific Ocean.5-MeO-DMT is the profoundest sacrament. I am in eternal gratitude.

Word.   _/|\_ _/|\_

Quote from: Mips on December 17, 2022, 11:40:12 AM
This is a very old post, being nearly 4 years old. Yet I feel it's absolutely crucial and still vitally relevant. Qdos to the poster, I hope we can get some answers.

So why is it that often awakening through psychedelics (and other means), can so often lead to a super inflated ego? It happens time and time again - people with incredible levels of insight & awakening develop the most obnoxious egos. Why is that?

This phenomenon is certainly not limited to just medicine people and entheogenic voyagers.  One can find innumerable cases of people experiencing:  mystical states, losing fixation with their egoic self-mesmerizm, merging into oneness, dissolving into the absolute Godhead, etc...  who return to recreate a sometimes monstrous, messianic complex.  Many, many, many "spiritual teachers" and gurus reveal contradictory behavior and conduct, despite their follower's incistance and fervent proclamation of their enlightenment.  It's simply the often contradictory nature of the human being.  How proposed sages warp into predators is most disturbing but hardly uncommon in any religious tradition or cult.  "Absolute power corrupts absolutely".  Bhagwan Rajneesh/ "Osho" being the most famous example in recent times.  Although, there have been many others, with many more yet to come.

That said, the process is amplified and exaggerated from the use of psychedelics, to such a degree that psychonautical pilgrims can transform from rock musicians, psychotherapists, actors or exotic dancers... Into neo-shamans, psychic healers, mystical mediums and well-paid life coaches.  In extreme cases, we encounter brand new Avataras of this present Age, ready to dish out sermons, doctrines and initiations.  I liken it to a sort of gravity for the mortal soul.  Dissolving all constructs of oneself whilst entranced, yet, coming down to earth, only to deal with duality in the afterglow.  When freed from the limitations of the isolated and individuated ego-self, the Spiritus blooms exponentially and how this mutates into a sort of spiritual narcissism, is quite disappointing and most perplexing, to say the very least. 

But hey, it's all a part of the dreamscape that people manifest.  The 5-MeO sacrement assuredly, potentiates this phenomenal shift with an immensity and an immediacy that has no other equal from the many powerful psychedelic compounds used as sacred medicines, despite the wealth of insight and spiritual healing that they mystically gjft.  Still, each medicine unites the isolated seeker to the universal state in their own unique ways.  Absorbing the explorer in the very fusion of the  enigmatic journey, devouring the illusion of separateness within the fulcrums of the cosmic exploration.  Miraculously, one's separate self resolidifies and rebuilds even more rigid conceptualizations such as, "I am here to teach humanity", "I am God" or "I am here to save the world".  Worse of all is, " I am the Master.  Come to me, I will enlighten you too."

Some greatly tempted folks even decide that their own abundance is of primary importance and their utmost concern.  This leads to charging outlandish fees for the anointment with the sacrement and/or integration coaching, after ceremony.  Duality sure has it's sneaky ways of contradicting the nondual epiphanies experienced by soul birds in their intrepid flight.  I suspect that even Zoroaster, Moses, Mahavira, Socrates, Buddha, Lao Tzu, Yeshua (Jesus Christ), Kabir and Sri Ramana Maharshi grappled with the ego-self's incessant fanfare?  The perpetual ole house of mirrors?  Life is but a dream, after all.  That said, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, everyone!   _/|\_ _/|\_
Greetings all.  From my view of things, the most powerful teaching that Sacred Medicines gift is the temporary erasure of our conditioned ego-referencing.  Perhaps one might see this as the brief cessation of the isolated, finite self?  Certainly all beings experience this during deep sleep and unconsciousness.  Yet, the way that psychedelics dissolve the solidity of individuality is most remarkable, as it is a wholly conscious realignment.  Conscious of exactly what?  My humble belief is that the psychonaut becomes conscious of primordial conscious-awareness itself.  Call it:  Brahman, the Godhead, Christ or the Eternal Tao but it remains free of any and all rational quantification.  As such, it's the unique type of awareness that is wholly epicentrical, multi-dimensional and even multi- directional.  This doesn't allow for subjective perception, per se, for such a deep remembrance tosses all associations with ordinary perception into sheer oblivion. 

Some might emphatically argue that there is no different between deep sleep and Samadhi states...  from my windowsill, the distinct difference is that while asleep or dreaming, everything is obscured by an acute absence of all capacity of any conceivable degree of control over one's own awareness and it's direction.  By stark contrast, while in full-blown eclipsing of the peak moments of an entheogenic compound, a far greater sense of existential being is then programmed of perhaps even, imprinted?  Which is quite a topical catch word these days. Anyhooo... I do still say "imprinted" as the process requires no thought nor conceptualization and is dynamically interactive.  That comes later on, after touching down to earth as a kind of sacred remembrance.  Deeply rooted in the formlessness of the Source, mortal cognition abandons all boundaries and divisions betwixt this and that, yours and mine and such a state of being even shatters our cherished separation from God, through the duality of our collective, mortal religious worship. 

So the notion of oblivion arose in my thoughts today.  Of what special significance is the Medicine Journey oriented?  Through much reflection and intentional grounding, a message comes to the forefront and that is the message of Unity perceived within diversity.  Whether bathing within the bliss of spiritual Satori or suffering from the painful struggling which the isolated self believes is "reality"...  I have come to resonate with an understanding that the subtlest and truest nature of primary existence is essentially indivisible in nature and while it cannot possibly be known as an objectively concrete thing, it surely magikally creates, contains and re-absorbs all strata of this grand tapestry of life, recycling the energy and inertia back into an indivisible whole.  IME, 5-MeO-DMT reveals this shining truth with more power and limitless love, that any other known of molecule encountered by those who journey.   

I welcome any and all comments.  Wishing you each illumination on your intrepid journey home!  Namaste all.   _/|\_ _/|\_