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Thanks for the update fainkujen! I started reading Life Beyond Death, I couldn't stop reading it so read it start to finish. I wonder if there are any more books like this that go into more detail about some of these things. The evolution of the soul stuff is really interesting. I wonder is this like a steady evolution where the soul always evolves towards the higher dimensions or can it go both ways like devolution. I wonder can we see thought forms created with affirmations and stuff like that when we astral project.
Fainjuken can you update us on how your process has been and where you're at now? I been experiencing things like you described and been struggling a bit with it.
I'm glad I found this thread because I see others experience what I been experiencing. Reactivations as I'm falling asleep. I got them the first few days after the bufo ceremony, and they went away but recently started again about 2 months after. I been remembering dreams where I'm seeing things like infinity and some panic hits me. A lot of panic sometimes. I been feeling anxiety around this. For the first couple of weeks after the ceremony I felt amazing. Lately I been feeling anxiety. Drinking a small dose of Ayahuasca a couple of times recently helped but I'm still clearly in need of integrating.

So physical exercise and yoga helps with this?
Introductions/Newbies / Shocked by bufo
April 04, 2020, 02:47:18 AM
I was not ready for bufo, oh my God. At the end of the ceremony I was saying I LOVE YOU over and over 30 times so it ended well but I seem to have resisted various aspects of the trip and my ego freaked out. This was the most powerful and intense thing I experienced in this life. There's not much I can say about it other than OH MY GOD.