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Title: 5-Meo-DMT - Integration & Moving Forward
Post by: Abrelosojos on June 04, 2019, 09:26:38 AM
Hi Everyone!

Really grateful to be here. i´ve had 5 Bufo Experiences on the past 6 months while living in Puerto Vallarta. During this process  i´ve quit smoking, considerably lowered my alcohol intake, positively erased even the memory of doing other stimulants, and i´m always trying to be a better person, with a healthy outlok on life, work, relationships.

Originally i committed to doing it 4 times, thanks to the help and persuasion of a close friend who i can say now he is a "Shaman" as that is the role that he has assigned himself.

I´m here to learn on others experiences, their ways of integrating them and moving forward doing other practices towards personal growth. i´ll gladly share my own experiences and pov´s.

Thanks to everyone!
Title: Re: 5-Meo-DMT - Integration & Moving Forward
Post by: Curador on June 04, 2019, 11:41:24 AM
Thank you for your fresh post about integration Abrelosojos. :)
It sounds like you are working hard and have embraced a healthier lifestyle.  Good for you...good for the world.
Would love to hear about your "repeated" experiences.  Were they similar?  Did you have a full non-dual experience always, some or not yet?  Do you know your approximate dosages?  Was it always smoked?

You mentioned shaman.  Was your experienced a ritual type ceremony like I've seen performed on video in Mexico alone, with others?
Sorry if that sounds like a lot but these are things I see as important as "work" with this molecule broadens at a fast rate.  Having places where people can genuinely share their experiences and ask any questions and feel safe are really valuable to the successful adoption of the use of these substances.
Thanks for showing up <3 _/|\_

Title: Re: 5-Meo-DMT - Integration & Moving Forward
Post by: Abrelosojos on June 05, 2019, 09:26:45 AM

Thanks Curador.

My friend who has embraced his role as Shaman, and who had been insisting for me to try the Toad. Has this place really close to Puerto Vallarta, where they do ritual type ceremonies as the ones you have seen the videos.  Usually those ceremonies start with a sweat lodge therapy "temazcal" then snuff "rape" to ground the energy of the people while each one waits for their turn. Then everything is followed by an integration session. 

My friend knew that i would have told him that i had no time for all of that. So i preferred to go and do it with him alone. This is a quick summary.

1st. Saturday morning 8:00 am - about 15 mg - natural form bufo, smoked - with amazing music by craig pruess as background, on a cool beautiful morning.   almost on the verge of breaking through. felt that i was on the gates of an hindu goddess realm, but  my conciousness was present trying to hold on. i don´t know if ive let go at any moment. .  exhilarating experience. amazing positive energy that acompanied me for a few days,  i had en empty stomach and had drinked three glases of wine the day before, so i had some mild nausea during the 25 minutes after effects...

2nd. Another Saturday Morning- 45 days aprox from the 1st.  8:00 am. The Shaman was joined by someone else grandpa like person.  again smoked. but probably around 30 mg. i hard to tell.  I just remember everything dissolving and turning into fractals as i pulled from the glass pipe.  they tell me my body contorted as breakdancing for 20 minutes and then i woke up, with the flow of energy opening my column, thorax, throat, etc..  reborn, no music accompanied me, just the chill vibes from that grandpa an the shaman. the energy was stupid, felt like i had 10 people riffing guitars on my head, and i opened up with everybody about the toad.   this time i had some green juice in me and felt perfectly, just really emotional.

3rd.  Again, 1 month apart, same setting as before, around 45 mg.  amazing psychedelic journey that i felt it was the rapture. my body shouted "wakeee up!" and cried for the earth for some minutes.. For me this is the experience that defines the toad, the journey was amazing.. 

4th.  i convinced a friend. now there were more people at the place.  at least 4 more than were preparing for a whole ceremony that would happen 1 hour later.  we had a mini ceremony as i had a friend with me, led by the shaman´s wife or SO. my mood was not great as i did not want snuff but was told that it was part of the rite this time to ground or head, etc...  don´t like it.   so when it was my turn, i think the dosage was around 30 mg. it seemed more, but it was really thin.  i felt a lot of angst in the experience..  people were singing chants, etc. drums, giving a lot of color to the experience.  needed to wake up and ask for quietness and hugged somenone to drop my angst and did it a second time.  where i was trying myself to reroute the energy from angst to something more male and primal, ended up with a lot of dirt in my hands as if i was clawing up the grass and biting. still amazining

5th.  Month and a week later. a friday morning at 7:00 am. Just me and the shaman.  Beautiful morning with morning dew. it had rained the nght before, so i was worried about getting muddy, and had my head on the weirdness of a DMT experience that i just had tried without breaking through and without learning anything just with a sore throat.
i dont know if it was 30 or how much more. didnt care for that.   just needed to ask some questions to myself.  and get back on track after having a few hard weeks in work, with a lot of commitments, travel, etc. that were grinding my desire for a healthier life.  Really similar to my third experience.

I´d like my close friends and my wife to try it.  but they see it too hardcore, even if they recognize an effort on my side to be better.  I don´t insist on anyone, only on a few friends who i know are living on a loop..  and to my wife i´m grateful on her understanding.

For me its hard to measure the importance of the shaman on the experience.. for me it has worked really well.  i´m thankful that he invited and he has a few sound toold that help you in the process as the experience is easily painted on by external stimuli.  So it´s good to be in good hands.

Title: Re: 5-Meo-DMT - Integration & Moving Forward
Post by: Curador on June 05, 2019, 01:41:19 PM
Thank you for sharing Abrelosojos.
I can't agree more about the need to be in good hands and feel safe.
I appreciate your candor and detail of your experiences.  It's helpful for me to see the range of possible experiences just with this substance.  I'm curious like Terrence McKenna in wondering if we had the ability to share in detail our visions what similar landscapes would we find?  Can they be counted on being there?  Seems there more than a few similarities.

As I said before you seem to be working hard.  Remember to be gentle in there too. <3
Yes, the loved ones.  One thing about my 12 step work I've tried to remember is that it's a program of attraction rather than promotion.  When the difference in us is so positive others don't want to be left behind and usually find their own way or go away but either way is as it will be and okay.
Kind regards...

Title: Re: 5-Meo-DMT - Integration & Moving Forward
Post by: Abrelosojos on June 05, 2019, 04:36:20 PM
Thanks Curador!

So true what you say about attraction rather than promotion.. i´ve see that the first time you try 5-meo-dmt, you want to go door to door and speak about the medicine... i don´t think helps at all..  My friend the shaman spoke about this topic, on how his changes have attracted the trust of people close to him, much because they don´t want to be left behind.

i spoke with my wife after the 3rd time i did it, because i couldn´t hide something that has became so important for me...   probably she knew something was up already after seeing that i was reading tich nhat hanh and my youtube whatch history.

A few days ago i watched the teaser of the movie bufoalvarius the underground secret just the intro, was enough to let me know the similarities in experiences i almost had a reactivation while watching it. Aslo reading your experience i can see them there.

thanks for your advice.. i thik i´ll do it once every two months, and the bufo dosages i´ve using i think equate to 20-30% 5 meo.  so i´ve been hitting between 8 and 15 mg.

Title: Re: 5-Meo-DMT - Integration & Moving Forward
Post by: HumbleVoyager on June 07, 2019, 02:53:11 PM
Welcome! Feel free to share your experiences in the form of a trip report if you'd like.

Also looking forward to your contributions to the conversation here on the forum.  ;D
Title: Re: 5-Meo-DMT - Integration & Moving Forward
Post by: Abrelosojos on June 10, 2019, 04:33:51 PM
Thanks! i will post it over there, after reviewing spelling.