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Title: new here from the netherlands
Post by: rhapsody45 on April 05, 2020, 07:25:34 AM
Hi all,
my name's martijn, 45 years old, have some experience with psycedelics. I did aya twice, 5 meo once (all three not easy but definately positive outcomes for me),
and some other stuff in the past.[size=78%]the other stuff i see as 'recreational', dmt i don't. I like to see it as a good way to examine my conscience, juist an experience to work with in my own life[/size]
and with my beloved other ones afterwards. (aka "shadowwork" or "reintegration" or something along those lines.
so i like both the scientific side, and see it as a good tool to do some work on my own ;-) never alone though, i think thats not the way to go.
I'm also a nurse, masters degree, so i also have a (big) interest in the healing potential of psycedelics and the idea of psycedelic aided therapy. I currently work in addiction care,
which is quite traditional (for the most part, thera are actually some studies being done already in holland / and therapies with mdma and shrooms),
and hoping to make it into a new job as a (clinical) psycedelic therapist in the near future...
well, that it then.. hppy to be here!
Title: Re: new here from the netherlands
Post by: HumbleVoyager on August 05, 2020, 03:52:56 PM