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Introductions/Newbies / Hello members!
« on: October 09, 2019, 10:58:19 AM »

Since 2014 I have been using sacred ayahuasca medicine.
Starting in 2015, I started with a shaman about other natural medicines and ethical and moral behavior in the use of natural medicines in Brazil.

I have experience with São Pedro and did a course with Ibogaine for the treatment of drug addicts. I am currently associated with a Brazilian entity called Free Minds that promotes treatments with Ibogaine.

I am taking a course with the Brazilian Ministry of Health on natural medicines in which we have contact with people from different regions of my country.

I have many university degrees in the area of ​​psychoanalysis, a psychological first aid course at Wsleyana Ohio College, and I study mental health at Johns Hopkins College.
I have two colleges in the Information Technology area and I work in the database area at the National Agency for Health Surveillance in Brazil.

My goal of being a therapist with inhalations is precisely to address cases in which Ayahuasca does not have an effective entry into the lives of some people. I currently do closed rituals, using Ayahuasca, for one person and continue the treatment through psychoanalysis, hypnotherapy and herbal medicine. I also do rituals for open groups. I serve through the Nova Terra Institute (

I currently work with psychoanalysis. I use a technique that I have been developing for 2 years called shamanic Psychoanalysis. In this therapy I rescue contact with nature, with herbal medicine, with clinical hypnosis and rituals with Ayahuasca.

I had already investigated the frog, but while studying in other areas I did not open myself to Bufo. I have completed some studies in other areas and I am now available to learn Bufo.

I had an experience with Sahaj Kaliman here in Brazil. I've known him for a few years.

With respect to Bufo, I intend to apply in some cases that I have chemical dependence and severe depressions.

I came to your institution because I knew you provided Bufo and he takes medicine seriously. It is also interesting for me to maintain this network of contacts and receive and share information about medicine and rituals.

My contact websites:
My Whatsapp: +55 61 98202 8739

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