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Science / Omega Brainwave Activity
« on: September 10, 2018, 09:35:32 PM »
Good evening All.  I would like to present an abstract theory that I initially conceived of decades ago but was rekindled this morning when I watched a video of brother Martin Ball having his brainwave activity monitored while imbibing 5-MeO-DMT.  The process was fascinating and quite remarkable.  I did feel, however, that the scientific paradigm utilized was based wholly on the known territories established by consensus research. 

I feel that there exists a sixth brain wave state, possibly even a seventh but for now let's just focus upon the theory of omega brainwave activity within human cognition.  We are all familiar with:  alpha, theta, delta, beta and gamma.  Yet somehow it seems that there is something else.  I propose the notion of an omega brainwave field.  Much of the mystical experience exists in such a hypothetical state.

I have long suspected that without a closer look at alternate brainwave activities which vibrates on another frequency altogether, we might be missing something quite significant about being human.  Any research along said lines would necessitate a far reaching look into the brain patterning of clairvoyants, monks, mystics, sages and especially, psychonauts.  Does anyone here know if any studies directed to such criteria? 

Admittedly, while technically speaking, I am not a scientist (unless being a trained and well seasoned gemologist holds any pedigree amongst other scientific members, collectively holding the banner of logic and reason, herein)...  but I sense something happening that takes place in a field of conscious-awareness heretofore unexplored.  I've tried to present similar ideas over at the DMT Nexus and had my ass handed to me on a plate.  That being said, I believe that the mystical cannot be separated from the scientific.   Any comments would be most welcomed and appreciated.   _/|\_ _/|\_

Oops, here's the video of Martin's brain scan while peaking on our God Molecule:

Greetings to you all, good people.  After being a member of this beautiful collective for 15 months now, at last I have crossed the 5-MeO-DMT threshold, wholly immersed into the mystical anointment.  It was lab synthesized freebase, not toad "venom" and I was alone.  I must joyfully shout out loud that the long-awaited interphase with this glorious molecule, has just occurred and left me nothing short of reborn.   _/|\_

While I had decided that I would take my very first plunge into the medicine some have named the "God Molecule", taking that leap into the undifferentiated sea of Infinite consciousness, late last night.  However, circumstances changed my intended plans.  I had an interesting pre-trip connection with the 8mg crystalline matter, where there was a kind of communication between us.  I ended up sitting in meditation for quite some time. I sensed a power from this molecule that superseded any other entheogenic substance.  I would soon discover just how true this was!

So, early this afternoon, I finally embarked upon what would turn out to be the most powerful psychedelic experience of my life.  I sandwiched 8 mg of crystalline powder between a cradle of pure cannabis indica and a sativa-heavy hybrid.  The 5-MeO was miraculously sent to me by a kind, truly soul-resonant friend.  I am so VERY grateful, my good brother!  I took a long, slow toke, not wanting to burn the sacrament.  I exhaled and took a really gentle, super deep hit.  A life changing inhalation opened a door, so to speak, and the force of the universe drew my soul into the ineffible core of the beginningless beginning.   _/|\_

Much of what I experienced today could never accurately be encapsulated in mere words.  A great deal of the voyage was moving so quickly and with such overwhelming intensity, that I was sure that I was truly dying.  I had to remind myself to breathe, often and with increasing urgency as the peak approached.  Honestly, I have never been so quickly and thoroughly blown out of my socks before....  ever, nothing quite compares!!!  In short matter of moments, my ego's self was suddenly shattered and so, dissolved all fixation of self into a translucency which defies any quantification.  Even NN-DMT pales in terms of the raw force, immediacy and the wide-open degree of sheer spiritual upliftment.  And that's saying a lot. 

Within seconds, my attention exploded from the normal/relative to the immensity of the absolute, from finite to infinite, from personal to supra-personal.  Nothing I've experienced even compares with this Sacred Medicine.  I seriously thought I might expire, given the pounding heartbeat and the rushing energy coursing throughout my system.  I was devoured by the sheer power of the Omnipotent light, even as the ringing/roaring melodies of the universal frequency lifted my conscious-awareness higher and higher, into the radiant bloom of the Unified Field of Being, pulling my enraptured attention into the deepest soul resonance.  The kundalini release was so dynamic that it was with great effort in concentration, that I was able to maintain a balance.  Almost like riding mechanical bull...  but the bull was the unbridled force of fully activated internal energy.

Were I more articulate tonight, I would hope to be able to express that I have never faced such a Divine awakening, such a total whiteout experience, as suddenly and expanssively!  My sense of individualized self was stripped away with such immense force, that  I was ill equipped to hold onto subjectifying the greater quintessence of this magical trip, though, I believe it can be properly conveyed.  I need to ground this epiphany to be able to decode it's many profound teachings.  Integration surely takes some time.  Soon though, I will be able to communicate more of the finer details that transpired during the interphase, those subtle aspects and difficult to describe effects.  I do vividly remember most of the experience.

Tonight...  however, I am a wee bit weary, although most tranquil.  I love you all and wish you all the best in life.  Tomorrow night I will visit again, and would love to exchange those salvageable remembrances with such a nice collective of folks sharing good vibrations. <3

During a significant number of my experiences with psychedelics I have, at the very highest peak moments, had experiences of blinding white light.  These are always perceived through "the third eye", the Ajna chakra.  Actually, it is technically a clear and luminous light, a radiating white effulgence but one refracting an endless array of shimmering rainbow colors, each hue most vibrant and magnificent. 

I have eagerly fused my consciousness with said inviting brilliance and steered my intent merging my shifting awareness with it's infinite, loving presence.  The mind then stops for a divine pause...  and oneself is totally shattered by the immensity of the expansion into absolute being. 

Sacred Medicines like:  LSD-25, peyote/mescaline, psilocybin mushrooms and NN-DMT, do surely facilitate this kind if blissful whiteout experience.  Can those who've been blessed by the Toad Medicine, organically or synthetically produced, shed any personal/transpersonal experience reports here? 

Granted, visions and auditory sensations emanating from the pineal gland are essentially 6th chakra phenomena.  It would be awesome to hear about some of the sounds and visions (or moments of sweetest, quitest emptiness) encountered with 5-MeO-DMT, which James Oroc, author of Tryptamine Palace, suggests operates within the full bloom of the 7th chakra, the Sahasrara.  Thanx in advance, folks.   _/|\_ _/|\_ 

Good evening All.

I had noticed that the spiritual forum here was a long silent platform, some weeks ago now, and just wanted to playfully bring light to a new topic.  The most recent thread was so deep, it's hardly a surprise for the thoughtful pause.   _/|\_

I have still yet to imbibe of the "God Molecule".  I almost feel impatient...  but I have learned the wisdom of patience.  I am essentially an optimistic mystic.  This dream of life has taught me that the right medicine arrives at the perfect time.  Not sooner or later than what is ordained by one's own unique destiny. So pardon my inspired thoughts here in, for my heart's intention is born of a deep humility, one blessed by this universal harmony we call life and living it to the fullest.   8)

Sure, the nondual state cannot be subjectively interpreted and reinterpreted via reasoning, deduction or dualistic quantification...  but from this side of the looking glass, there is much of great value to share with one another.  The infinite field transcends description or limitation to relative phenomena, as such a ineffible state of being hasn't any boundary or the minutest iota of division nor differentiation. Thus, no lofty words nor any conceptual paradigmn fully encapsulates what forevermore evades our most sincere contemplation and our deepest seeking/witnessing.

But there is a very, very fine line between not speaking about...  or enthusiastically speaking about, what cannot truly be compressed into any fractured, dichotimous paradigmn.  Unity dissolves subjectivity.  Still, just prior to and immediately post interphase with the nondual field of existential being and immediately post said interphase, there is much to learn and process into one's own soul quintessence.  The inside and the outside are revealed to be the same energy & inertia.  The eternal balance.  The universal harmony.    ;)

That being said, does anyone care to relate their own journeys into the infinitum of the immeasurable, clear light of the Void?  Please do, good people, brave travelers.  Much love and respect, my most honored fellows.

High there guys & gals,

I wanted to ask you all to please describe something of the profound experiences born of imbibing the sacred "God Molecule", 5-MeO-DMT, and how it's tremendous effect has taken the willing participant way beyond what one had previously believed was possible.  What can one say about the comparisons and contrasts between 5-MeO-DMT and NN-DMT?  I understand that the visuals and sonics are each most unique to both molecules, on their own terms and have transmitted shifts in conscious-awareness which, in their own right are good medicine (so to speak).

Spirituality / 5-MeO-DMT and The Clear Light of The Void
« on: May 08, 2017, 10:42:27 PM »
Hello people.

I just joined tonight and wanted some positive feedback about the tremendous potential for this Sacred molecule to facilitate a portal of sorts, a self-shattering transcendence of one's ordinary identity, in preference of the limitlessness of our interphase with the blinding light of the ineffable, sheer emptiness of the eternal void.  Formless, yet, Supreme. 

While I have yet to experience this Sacred molecule, I am eager to learn, to explore and to grow as a soul.  Most of my journeys have been with LSD, psilocybin, mescaline, Salvia Divinorum and most significantly, NN-DMT.  I await the grace of a new teacher.   8)

Namaste and Namaskar to each and all of you, RS

Introductions/Newbies / Newest member in this forum.
« on: May 08, 2017, 08:52:37 PM »
Greetings, folks.

I just joined this forum and I would like to introduce myself.  A compatriot over at DMT-Nexus posted a link to this forum, Bancopuma

While I have been a member there and also:  Shroomery, Lycaeum, Psychonaut and Entheogen-network.  Some of you good people may know of me?  Although, I haven't been nearly as active in recent years.

Honestly, I have never experienced 5-MeO-DMT.  I am eager to embrace it's immense spiritual force.  I will be reading a good deal of the trip reports, herein.  Thank you for accepting me into the fold.


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