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Dear all

I am a newbie to this site. First time with 5 MeO DMT last Sunday 7 April. Took what I believe to be a half dose, or 3 MILLIGRAMS or there abouts (Was told 'micro grams' by the facilitator) I did not want to go for the full experience on my first time - and had tried no other psychedelics apart from a small amount of psilocybin..

Incredible experience, that made me want to explore and research more....stumbled upon this site..

Quickly joined out of fear for another member... Horrified to read they've experimented with 5 MeO DMT more that 100 times..

SCARED and WORRIED and so concerned that someone may take their own life so young - at age 24 - says they may just jump off a cliff.

This was posted on 9 April 2019 at 4 am or so by JO_Oneness on a thread on this site - THE POST IS COPIED BELOW

Can someone professional, knowledgeable and caring reach out to them please  _/|\_ _/|\_ _/|\_

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