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Introductions/Newbies / Re: Preparing for my first experience
« on: November 17, 2019, 09:23:28 PM »
Hello you beautiful beings of light, my name is Gunnar. I’m interested in psychedelics and have finally convinced myself to take the plunge with 5-MeO. I’m here for your guidance and knowledge :)

Well...  you can't really be adequately prepared for such an immense shift in conscious-awareness.  There are some essentials which greatly help like: deep meditation, yoga, tantra, pranayama, taijiquan or qigong...  but when you touch the infinite, one must simply be ready to surrender to the force.  No words can really carry enough knowledge or provide any clear cut, cohesive guidance. 

Follow your intuition and listen to your own heart.  Look unswervingly for the blinding light of the Absolute within yourself.  Before you are truly ready, the divine 5 sacrement devours you within an undifferentiated singularity.  To die is to be reborn anew, with new eyes and far greater attunement.  Travel wisely, with much respect and an unwaivering faith.  Love is the Buzz.  <3

5-MeO-DMT Experiences and Testimonials / Re: The Fifth Time is The Charm.
« on: September 26, 2019, 09:17:56 PM »
Many thanks for the nod!  I send very sincere prahnams and offer a very deep bow to you, HumbleVoyager.  There are a number of repeating phenomena that I have experienced with the molecule.  Kundalini activation, spontaneous mudras, astral travel, high frequency light transmissions, symphonies of hyper-dimensional sounds and tonal waves, immeasurable energy pulsations, conscious whiteout, nondual ecstasy, sheer ego-death & rebirth, stillness, breathlessness and the immersion of deep Samadhi states.  Then the divine pause of no mind, the blinding emptiness of Sunyata, the undifferentiated quintessence of Nirvana. The full bloom of the Godhead.  Aham Brahmasmi.  But I am still just learning how to fully surrender to the medicine.   _/|\_ _/|\_

5-MeO-DMT Experiences and Testimonials / Re: The Fifth Time is The Charm.
« on: September 24, 2019, 08:32:53 PM »
Ever since my inaugural voyage with 5-MeO-DMT, I have been uncharacteristically, somewhat at a loss for words.  Sure, I express my impressions and experiences ad nauseam...   but many of the highlights and finer details evade proper quantification.  I've jotted down hand-written notes, lo these 5 journeys, and a few things are consistently present during my solo voyages.  I stand at the precipice of my sixth anointment and understandably, I have had the ole pre-flight jitters, all over again.  I suspect it would be madness to be completely without any trepidations?   >:D

Within each encounter with 5, it was clear that repeatable phenomena were occurring.  A defined pattern and a sort of navigational map were coalescing with each deep journey unfolding.  As I thumb through pieces of paper, describing experiences I'd had with the sacrement, it became more and more clear that there was a period just prior to peaking and another, just post the peaking state, in which tremendous things reveal themselves. 

Within these two windows, a wealth of significant observance can occur to the witness.  Admittedly, once the ego dissolves into the blinding, effulgent abyss of sheerest oblivion...  who witnesses what, when conscious-awareness blooms into full immersion into the white light...  as the undifferentiated sea of love washes forevermore upon the shores of eternity?   _/|\_ _/|\_

5-MeO-DMT Experiences and Testimonials / Re: The Fifth Time is The Charm.
« on: September 21, 2019, 12:06:29 AM »
I offer my sincere apologies, my fellows, for such a vague post.  I was intending to report my fifth 5 experience in some detail.  That said, even as I typed my words...  I had a reactivation.  My mind froze in awe of the Absolute and in so doing/undoing, I lost my ability to relate cohesively, what my journey had been.  It took some time to ground myself and begin to integrate the immense shift in attention.  I'd like to continue now, as I've woven a number of the impressions and sensations into a slightly clear vocabulary.  At least, that is my sincere aim.

At the onset of my voyage, I set adjective pre-flight jitters and centered my conscious-awareness upon the direct pathway to knowledge, freedom and serenity.  Within 3 minutes of inhalation, nothing I conceived of or believed in, even existed anymore!  11mg is the highest dose I've experienced, so far.  I truly approached full blown whiteout...  yet, remained cognizant of existing.  There persisted an awareness of holding my being in two places at the same moment and this understanding began to dominate my rapt attention.

I was the intrepid voyager.  The seeker of the ultimate reality, one which shines in divine harmony.  Yet, I had no true form, no limitations, no mortality and was wholly substanceless.  I was both the awakening child and the empty void in nondual resplendence.  Each heart beat chanted a paradoxical little algorithm, a silly little point and counterpoint echoed for just few minutes time, "I am."  "Or am I?"  "I am."  "Am I really?"  "Yes I am."  "Who am I?"  "Me."  "Who is me?"  Then everything melted away and a deep quiet dominated my perception.  The whiteness was overwhelming but euphoric.  For myself, there has always been a twin effect from the medicine.  I find my awareness centered upon both macrocosmic and microcosmic phenomena.  I live as an independent individual and an indivisible force, a divine manifestation of sheerest Omniscience. 

As the energy rose and expanded, all thought was silenced completely.  The irresistible force that had so radically shifted my attention from the relative world of personal subjectification, had dissolved into a bright, undifferentiated field of being.  Individual self orientation was superseded by a more holistic, universal view into the living pulse of existential presence. There is a place we each share as human beings.  A state of consciousness in which my deepest core is also your deepest core and everyone's deepest core.  The 5 sacrement gives this vision and healing to any who would willingly receive it. 

I'll have to add the caveat that discussing the nondual eclipsing encountered from 5 or Toad, exists deep within and far from our "normal" experiential modality and as such, cannot be understood through our ordinary mindset.  This is perhaps why I so enthusiastically endorse sitting or moving meditation.  Although, even a lifetime of internal cultivation and mindfulness...  cannot control the force of the God Molecule as it shoots you into Infinity.  Surrender to the immense force is so vitally key.  Our deconstruction is an opportunity to ascend into uber subtle states of existential being.  The holiest of Gifts!   _/|\_ _/|\_

5-MeO-DMT Experiences and Testimonials / The Fifth Time is The Charm.
« on: September 19, 2019, 01:54:41 AM »
It's been exactly one month since my fifth intrepid journey with the holy 5 sacrament.  Honestly, it's taken that long to even partiality integrate the insights and revelations that washed over me until whoever I dream myself to be, had fully surrendered to the immense waving force washing me into oblivion. 

Just prior to this most recent nondual voyage, I had kind of developed a pre flight jitters to self-obliteration, creating a passing hesitancy of sorts...  transcended by that perceptual shift towards stepping further and further beyond all one's self orientation, to fearlessly dwelve even deeper into the very core essence of the one true source energy, highlighted perfectly within and without any and all strata of being.  Light seeds have opened and bloom wonderfully.  Sacred geometry has revealed Itself anew and it's all good.   _/|\_ _/|\_ _/|\_

Just reading this trip report makes my heart smile a mile wide.   <3 <3

Introductions/Newbies / Re: Oppurtunity
« on: August 27, 2019, 11:23:02 PM »
Let's do a little mathematics here.  The toads are wild and free.  Is there any doubt about this pressumed assumption?  They are innocent and true earthen wildllings.  Some "shamans" milk them (leaving them spent and defenseless) and then charge $250.00 a head for a deep, life shattering toke...  but what about these lovely toadlings...   yeah, it just bothers me.  Peace. 

5-MeO-DMT Experiences and Testimonials / Re: subcutaneous roa
« on: August 16, 2019, 10:14:35 PM »


I would like to add to this experience that I think I contacted somehow my higher self and he was cheerful and very clear about spiritual matters. I guess the

cheerfulnes comes from his clarity, well, this is celestino the lower, guessing! the wonders of celestinos!

All the best.

I so resonate with the notion of the symbiotic meeting of the higher and lower selves, as one indivisible, singular phenomenon.  Aham Brahmasmi.  For at the appex of our searching for some ultimate truth, the interior soul's core vibration coalesces, as attention and intent are fused within the immensity of That which resides beyond, yet, exists epicentrically within everything else.  Such a romance is an intimate conjoining of absolute truth and the mesmerism of sheer illusion, an immortal transcendence inside of this dualistic earthly paradigm, forever unfolding out of the undifferentiated field, is always taking new life like exploding light particles, dancing in pulsations, waving in all directs at once. 

Going seemingly nowhere yet touching everything else.  The spectrum of higher and lower, eternal and transitory, infinite mystery and finite certainty...  all dissolve, perceptually into the bright white, effulgent emptiness.  Though we are essentially gone as isolated individuals, we are miraculously rebirthed an infinity of human life cycles, only to finally arrive right here & now, at one with all.  Such is the sacred gift of 5-MeO-DMT.   _/|\_ _/|\_

Godself is realized by the awakening dreamer in ascension and all is perceived as the Omniself, uncoiling at the hub of each being as sublimely interconnected and whole, arising as the cherished epiphany, like unto a great pause of one's individuality, absorbed again in seamless union with the Divine source.  There blossoms a remembrance of sorts, choosing to be, to exist, to appear out of nothingness.  Often this is followed by total self erasure, all ideas and beliefs wiped clean for some span outside of time, deep into the effulgent silence.

We are wholly shattered by the unlimited force but the teaching still incrementally blooms anew with every heartbeat, thus grounding within the experience of the human witness to creation, preservation and eventual destruction of the little dream bubbles of our collective, multiples of selves (though each unique soul is merely an impermanent aspect appearing as an echo, a reflection or perhaps, more of a refraction of the initial source of all light...  formless consciousness itself).  While we attune our spiritual being more receptively towards the zero point field, the unborn, undying nature of the Tao, we step off into an endless, beginningless oblivion of our own volition, like the proverbial moth drawn to the flame.
Keep your love light shining so bright and free, good brother Celestino!   <3 <3

Toad Experiences and Testimonials / Re: questioning toad and 5
« on: July 08, 2019, 08:13:24 PM »

Quote from: celestino
Hi Risingspirit,

my first and most illuminating experience with the sapito was,"NO WORDS, I JUST DISSAPEARED", no god, creator, light, self or whatever and the beauty of this was that "WORDS DID NOT MATTER AT ALL!" Of course once back we live in the world of words.

One day as I was sitting in meditation the word Vedanta came to me, the end of the Word!!

My inaugural voyage was very similar.  The molecule stopped my mind entirely.  I was not unconscious, yet my awareness did not involve thinking or feeling, as I had been shattered completely into an infinity of cosmic dust and lost any subjective reference point.  I recall believing that I had overdosed and had actually died.  As I dissolved like an Alkaseltzer tablet in water, all thinking ceased entirely.  I was gone and yet...  I was experiencing a vast expanse of blinding whiteness, which I knew was the unbroken field of Brahman (that is, after I came down and began quantifying the immense expansion and sheer bliss I had undergone from dying and being reborn, once again).   

Well, it's not exactly like seeing the white light, as without any polarized strata of duality, there was no darkness to define any source of light, no one to recognize any effulgence.  All four journeys had much to teach and reveal, but this occured just prior to and immediately after the timeless peak.  During direct interphase, I do not know what happened but I got a sense of source and divinity, as my conscious-awareness began to reshape itself as a finite self with an individuated, defined perspective.  Even so, I intuitively knew that the source was no different than myself.  Nothing was different or separate from the Oneness.  After all, there is only one of us, forever coming and going, as this or that...  an eternity in the making.  Aham Brahmasmi.   _/|\_ _/|\_

Toad Experiences and Testimonials / Re: questioning toad and 5
« on: July 06, 2019, 10:19:22 PM »

I honestly do agree wholeheartedly.  The blinding light of absolute truth transcends any mere word play or cerebral, mortal ideology.  Mind lives within the dynamic of conceptualization, followed by myriad thoughts, imaginings and words.  Conscious-awareness can freely exist soley and soulfully, without any strata of subjective quantification, thought or finite idea.  Words indeed do chase ideas and human notions, like a puppy dog chases a tennis ball.  To be without any defined self, minus any iota of thinking or feeling...  is what 5 reveals.  It cannot keep us still and empty for long, but it does gift the anointment of Sunyata, however brief.  Daily meditation and integration are saving graces.  It's our challenge to ground and integrate this miraculous awakening.  _/|\_ _/|\_

Toad Experiences and Testimonials / Re: questioning toad and 5
« on: July 06, 2019, 09:17:09 PM »

From my own teeny-tiny/ itty-bitty perspective, the true magic of any psychedelic molecule is it's ability to TEMPORARILY immobilize one's mind, one's personal identity and the silly mortal attachment to this material, external realm of existential being.  There is soooooooo much more to experience than what our physical senses, emotions, intellect and instincts reveal.  The soul is our core and it is forevermore indistinct from the source.  Sacred medicines heal the blind and give hope to the lost.  5-MeO-DMT is far and above any other sacrement, that I know of, in this profoundly remarkable regard.  It's highest gift and guidance is it's immense ability to obliterate the separation of that which has been created, from the very creator, itself.  Within the nondual pulse of eternal balance, all that is...  is irrefutablely united as One seamless happening.  We awaken to remember that we are each and all of us, are indistinguishable from said, indivisible Godhead.  We have always been limitless light in resplendent, blissful Omniscience.   <3 <3

Even so, the molecule releases us back into our personal dreamscape.  Only fools and escapists think that any entheogen, no matter how powerful it is, can permanently erase the lines of duality, forevermore.  My take on sacred medicines is that they provide mind shattering, deeply spiritual glimpses, views into the ultimate field of reality.  We are called upon to do diligence, every day, in every way...   to earnestly fuel such sky high epiphanies with undaunted heart and soul.  Our task as pilgrims alongside way, is the work of cultivating an unwavering, clear intent, a focussed awareness and a highly attuned degree of attention to this present moment (an eternity in the making).  It may seem like work or study...  but it's actually wondrous play.  Meditation is an endless joy!  Discovering center is a true and nurturing blessing.  This game of life reveals itself at every turn of the path, eh?  Aham Brahmasmi.   _/|\_ _/|\_

My feeling about this issue is that it is naive to believe that imbibing of any substance, even the mighty 5-MeO, equates to lasting enlightenment.  At least, with any permanent effect.  Still, by surrendering and dying...  we are then reborn anew, as using the sacrement briefly removes everything which clouds the spirit light from our enraptured vision.  This is ecstatic but we return to our own little bubbles of self, dreaming of this or that. 

But during the peak moments...  it has been the absolute pinnacle of my entire life.  But I must say that I have had numerous nondual experiences, some with other entheogens and some from states of deep meditation, culminated after decades of spiritual practice.  I am certain that even if I sat in the lotus posture, three or four hours a day, for over 100 years...  it could hardly compare to the power and immense shift in attention, which 5-MeO-DMT so dramatically bestows upon those who journey with it.  I am now certain what death will be like.  A return to the Source. 

This miraculous molecule triggers the full bloom of the Sahasrara or 7th chakra center in mere minutes.  Opening one up to the blinding white light of God, bestowing temporary ego annihilation and devouring the lines of distinction and quantification.  Erasing the illusion of self and other, dissolution within the undifferentiated sea of being, the sacrement exponentially expands the consciousness of the voyager to the zero point field of seamless union with the Absolute, which eventually settles within the mind's heart.   <3 <3

I have come to believe that daily training in meditation, with or without exercising pranayama, is an incremental continuum of sorts.  It is, simply put, a way of life.  Anointment from 5 is a preview of Nirvikalpa Samadhi, regardless of one's attainment or one's degree of conscious-awareness while completely sober during day to day living.  Even a casual glance at the Rig Vedas, extolling the virtues of Soma, makes you aware that entheogenic alchemy is an ancient companion with many spiritual or religious rituals.  If one digs deeply enough into the Nath tradition, it is clear that as alchemists, they actually did use entheogens to heighten and expand their consciousness. 

The Kriya Yoga taught today has undeniably sprouted from this time honored ancestry.  Kundalini Kriya Yoga has it's roots deeply entwined with the Nath lineage.  While many of the details are shrouded in secrecy, this dose not negate the truth that entheogens have been used for millennia, as a means to introduce the adept to cosmic consciousness.  It's not just the Yogis, it is also prevalent some Buddhist sects, Taoist alchemists, Christian and Sufi schools of mysticism.  Not to mention the widespread usage amongst the Northern, Central and South American native shamanic cultures.   

The great Sri Babaji Maharaj reminded his student Lahiri Mahasaya that in his previous human incarnation, Babaji himself had prepared him, "herbal drinks".  Herbal drinks?  Soma?  Something akin to Ayahuasca?  He then, gives Lahiri a large bowl of oil to drink.  Perhaps hash oil?  Whatever it was, the youthful Lahiri was so blown away that he was floored for hours on end.  The account is in the original version of Autobiography of A Yogi, by Swami Paramahamsa Yogananda.  Now, this may only have been in the earliest stages of his initiation into the Kriya Kundalini teachings and methodologies.  I've never heard of Lahiri Mahasaya recommending entheogens to his students but who can say with any degree of certainty?

What is of paramount importance that just the usage of the sacrement alone, cannot lead to one's ultimate freedom.  It does, however, gift the miraculous experience of entering into communion with the Godhead (actually one's own head) and tasting the immortality of the mystical, nondual unification.  For myself, it's not one path or the other path...  they are one and the same pathway. 

That being said, less is more and without integration and the gradual purification of one's intent, even the sacrement becomes a trap.  Going to the well too often is most unwise, yet, I suspect that it's also a very, very personal thing and some folks want to go further, further and further down the proverbial rabbit hole...  by frequently but sincerely working with the medicine.  I do honestly feel that without some restraint, at least for myself and my need for balance and grounding the epiphanies realized, there is a danger of over-taxing the subtle neurology within the brain and may strain the auric body, which is unhealthy and counterproductive.   _/|\_ _/|\_

By gosh, I had all but forgotten about this thread, until someone posted it on a Toad facebook page.  It's very interesting for me to read now, almost two years later.  13 months after this older post, I had my inaugural voyage with 5-MeO-DMT.  Rarely at a loss for words...  I found myself at an immense cross roads, metaphysically speaking.  I cannot begin to grok the very highest, peak moments, as I was 100% gone.  It's almost like embracing oblivion of the ego constructs, and then being reborn under new laws of witnessing with impartiality and a certain detached transcendence.  By a new definition in one's experiential modality, attention shifts from looking outside from the inside, to looking inside from the outside.  They endlessly fuse a one expression.  I have revisited N,N-DMT twice since then and answered many of my own questions.  They are quite different molecules but the sudden load and immediate expansion are the same with both DMTs.  My first 5-MeO trip report:

I still can't quite wrap my head around the immensity of the experience, nor the three that followed it, as so much of the interphase occurs in that empty fullness which exists beyond the confines of our conditioning within the realm of duality at large.  How does one describe a single drop discovering remembrance of always having been the boundaryless ocean?  When the isolated particle recalls being the entirety of the whole universal bang, the fullest bloom of unbound love...  no words can truly suffice.

Oneself becomes small very quickly.  Awareness becomes intensely primordial.  Picture an egg floating in the vast sea of formless source energy.  This sacrament almost instantly dissolves the shell, outer membrane and absorbs the egg whites and yoke into an undifferentiated expanse of pure conscious-awareness.  As the outer shell rapidly disappears, the barrier betwixt the inner and outer loses it's finite distinction.  Observation is still possible to the interior yoke, through its now alternated state of experiential being, yet, the lines are vanishing quickly and subjectivity become a less and less defined.  As the energy continues to vibrate into higher and higher frequencies of being, maintaining any degree of separation, incrementally becomes impossible. 

As the membrane dissipates, all sense of interior and exterior is washed away...  leaving the egg whites to expand further and further into the furthest reaches of cosmic mind, until they ARE the essence of said, "cosmic mind".  The yoke finds itself in a particularly compromised condition and that's an understatement!!!  While babies are born in tune with the universal state, the seedling of the Infinite tree of life, decades of conditioning gradually fix an identity to the paradigm of entering into living within the dichotomy of the time-space-continuum.  5-MeO reliably erases such silly human training in just a few minutes.  The infant within each of us is then left naked and helpless, much like our hypothetical yoke floating within the void of the Absolute.

If you good people will bear with this analogy, what follows is familiar to each soul as it is re-absorbed into the living source if all being, the indivisible, ineffible Godhead (what I affectionately term, the Omniself).  The yoke is then wholly dissolved by the oscillating sonic pulsations emanating from the very epicenter of Divine Being and in so doing, enters into seamless union with The Clear Light of The Void.  Moments before self annihilation, nano-seconds prior to total stillness of self referencing, there is a tremendous shift in attention.  As the immersion reaches full zenith, an understanding of the nature of the blinding whiteness blooms exponentially. 

The "yoke" has now returned to it's mother and more so, gained a profound remembrance of always having been it's own mother...  purest source consciousness.  Not just aware of emerging out of the hub of pure beingness, rather, having direct experience of always having been centered within said hub.  Deeply, deeply, deeply within this dawning of complete spiritual unity...  arises the urgent need to surrender wholly to the reality which transcends all realities.  In such a fusion between the soul bird and the eternal sky, there is no iota of differentiation.  No thought, no feeling, no self, no other...   no mind.  Not even Buddha mind or Christ consciousness remains intact witness to the inversion of self and nonself.  Within a boundary-less stillness, an unstruck note rings out forevermore.  There are no ears to hear it's exquisite music nor any hearts present to taste of it's unborn, undying love.  It simply is as it is.  Sat Chit Ananda.  AUM...   _/|\_ _/|\_

The ego or self is not only gone now, it surrenders to the truth that it never really existed.  The One does not become the many.  The One is unbroken perfection itself humming along within the myriad dreamscape of the many.  The eternal Tao is always free and undifferentiated, existing in an undefined unity, epicentrically and for ever present AS the indefinable resplendence of Sunyata, the supreme magnificence of The Unified Field in it's own web like, invisible flowering state.  Granted, this unformed force is the quintessential source and is itself, always interconnected with all that has been, all that is and all that could ever possibly become, yet, somewhere within the zero point, somehow, we each choose to become existent.  To dream and to live to awaken, over and over again.

There is a peak moment within every psychedelic experience and with this particular sacrement, the price for admission is death.  Not just a dying to the illusion of separation and individualized perception, but a genuine death of the relativity of oneself.  This is wherein the full throttle whiteout experience explodes the yoke into countless points of effulgence. Atman is Brahman.

Nothing can feasibly be said about such an ascension of conscious-awareness, as no one is left to have reference or even witness the blinding light of this ascension.  From this side of the looking glass, I believe that the soul bird has now touched the ecstasy of the God plane and without any sliver of dualism, no words can have any meaning.  We may reflect this great illumination, we may echo it's booming power within our mind's heart...  but projection of any metaphysical conceptualization about this kind of special immersion, is wholly meaningless.

From the view gleaned from looking out beyond the confines of my own tiny little dream bubble of self-conscious experiences, is one that has no specific horizon line.  I have come to realize that we are capable of entering into higher spheres of cognition, those rays of energy that shine without thought or subjective quantification. 

To attempt to describe these hyper-real flashes of insight and epiphany...  is like trying to toss a marble or a pebble at a far away star.  The futility of actually hitting the solar body is the great irony of attempting to explain rationally, any mystical experience.  Within the sacred hoop of this potent trip into what a young friend of mine innocently calls, "The white room", the difficulty becomes an impossibility.  Returning from this vastly immense, fulcrum of loving light, ignites the journey of a lifetime, itself an eternity in the making.  Thank you for being here now, my cherished 5-Hive family members.  I love and respect you all and I always shall.  <3 <3

Toad Experiences and Testimonials / Re: My Non-Dual Experience
« on: June 07, 2019, 06:51:42 AM »
Quote from: Curador
So being the kind of person that likes to validate their experience I'll ask this question.  Do you think this white experience phenomenon repeatable?
In all of my experiences they seem to go deeper the more I trust the experience and feel safe and know that love is the intention.  so-to-speak.
So, in that spirit, my thought is that there is even more which makes me chuckle with nervous excitement.  I'm good for a bit since it was only weeks ago did I experience this and I continue to integrate the essence into my life.

On all four of my journeys, the fully conscious whiteout experience was wholly repeatable.  The molecule takes away my fixation of being a finite self with a defined, subjective perspective.  The pure magic of this most sacred of medicines, is that it gifts the state of mind in which no thought exists, yet awareness leftists with new parameters.  Lots of psychonaut go blank when this kind of a shift in perception blooms, leaving no memory of the peaking moments. 

Through cultivation of both concentration and meditative centering, one is able to retain a great deal of the immersion.  Obviously, when the heights of nirvikalpa samadhi open up within the fulcrum of the sahasrara chakra (7th vortexial fulcrum), all duality evaporates like morning dew under the rays of the early morning sunshine.  So, there is a void of sorts within our remembrance, naturally.

One cannot be conscious within the realm of the relative self orientation and also be conscious of being completely unified, absolute and ineffably indivisible.  This is the area in which the soul bird must surrender to the pendulum-like nature of our glimpses into "cosmic consciousness".  The ego-self does this temporary silencing, thus allowing for the limitless expansion of conscious-awareness, wherein the seeker enters into the great white void.  Self dissolves into it's own source and within the infinite field of the blinding white light, an undifferentiated bliss is known without any thought or personal referencing.

The Buddhists call this state of being, Sunyata.  And while granted, much misunderstanding has arisen since Sakyamuni Buddha spoke of such things, it becomes crystal clear when graced by the enigmatic power of 5-MeO-DMT.  It's not that there is a blank nothingness, rather, there is ONLY the presence of source, ONLY the resplendent stillness of the Omniself in it's pure state (unbroken and undivided).

Where Buddhists turn away from all notions of God or oneself...  and this is ultimately the truth, they lose the experience of being God in the process.  Yes, the mind must stop thinking and conceptualizing to attain "enlightenment" but it's key to remember that awareness subsides without thought and that it is when the mind become a conscious of being light itself, that Nirvana is discovered as one's great nature.

This powerful sacrament can tear away one's conditioning in a matter of minutes, erase decades of schooling to operate within the normal modality.  Prior to what a friend of mine calls, "going up into the white room", we can observe the thought process being systematically dismantled.  During the direct interphase within the clear light of the void...  subject and object loses any meaning. The singularity of the unified field washes away any difference between the individual drop and the vast expanse of the ocean.  And yes, yes, yes, this is repeatable each voyage the aspirant takes into the great white void. 

Toad Experiences and Testimonials / Re: My Non-Dual Experience
« on: May 30, 2019, 11:17:33 AM »
Quote from: Curador
5MeO-DMT helped me have the most sublime human experience I’ve encountered up to this moment.  That being said, it was such a short experience, a very big one but lasting only 10 minutes.  Add another 10 minutes gently reintegrating into my body and enjoying the sensation makes it 20 minutes total.

As I inhaled all I could hold of the smoke from the pipe I released the pipe into his hands and deliberately lay my head back on the pillow at the end of the mat.  As soon as I did a massive sensation of the deepest relaxation I’ve ever felt came over me.  My body exhaled and sighed as it was too much effort to hold the breathe any longer...  The sense of me or I fell away.

A humming sound or sensation, not loud or soft, was present and there was an awareness of geometric shapes and lines whisking past the mind’s eye as if being sucked into a tunnel and picking up speed. There may have been a slight sense of fear but from that moment in memory there was only becoming aware of being in a place of absolutely pure, brilliant white.

I can’t say it was light, but I’ll call it that, since there seemed to be no origin or point of beginning or direction or end. It was all around and the point of reference was from something like within.  There was nothing, no feelings, no thoughts, no sound, anything, yet there was a sense of perfect contentment.  Nothing mattered, Yet it is all loved, Beyond understanding, Which makes it all possible and acceptable.

I was in this state of bliss for the remainder of my time. I felt nothing but infinite joy and gratitude then love moved through me causing my body to weep gently as I continued to stay with this light as long as I could.  The moment I noticed being hooked by any emotion or thought I would simply and gently bring my awareness back to the light again and would feel or notice the blissful state.  I was calm and happy.  I was experiencing the greatest sense of ecstasy my body could tolerate and wept gently all the while keeping my focus in the white.  It was the most beautiful experience I’ve ever had so far in this body.

Thank you for so elloquently sharing your experience.  How many times have you been anointed by this most sacred of molecules?  I have had just four, fully conscious whiteout experiences vaping the synthetic sacrament.  While I've been meditating for 45+ years now, in all honesty, I believe that this is the greatest gift to seekers who are earnestly exercising their attention and incrementally cultivating deeper resonance with the Source energy pulsing within each iota of manifestation of being, beating within the heart of all.  Soon I will be embarking upon my fifth voyage into the immensity and expansion, that is the nondual unification gleaned from embracing the death and ensuing re-birthing brought on from the miraculous 5-MeO-DMT.  _/|\_ _/|\_

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Disclaimer:  5MeO-DMT is not for everyone and my experience may not be typical!  This is not like my mushroom or ayahuasca experiences. I’d not been able to reach a point of “separation” from the ego in those experiences. They come on slower and, for me, there has always been a point of reference from my ego going deeper, then resistance.  In this experience the opposite seemed true.  When I fully inhaled there was no turning back in any way.  Once I felt it come on there was no time for bargaining...  I was gone

Would you please elucidate further, upon you'd own history and spiritual practices?  And I agree wholeheartedly, this medicine is not for everyone.  Do you feel that some folks ought not partake of this sacrement?  I do.  It could be devastating to some highly sensitive or mentally unstable people.  I've witnessed such problems arise with unprepared and fragile folks imbibing real LSD-25 and psilocybin mushrooms.  It can be dangerous to some potential initiates.  It can trigger a full blown kundalini activation.  That's a lot of juice to channel! 

Besides, facing death and life after life...  is something especially rarified and is often, initially terrifying.  Not everyone can surrender to the full immersion within the infinite force of the unified field of being, shattered by the indivisible vacuum of absolute zero, enigmatically abloom in a purely divine resplendense.  We awaken to know that we are that, here and now, an eternity in the making. 

Being devoured into sheer oblivion, dying as a separate fulcrum of a finite self yet blissfully, forevermore ecstatically expanding into the unbound limitlessness of the ineffible vibration, lovingly emanating from the vortex of the effulgent white light of Brahman.  Conscious-awareness without thought, dichotomy of subject & object, nor any form of self reflection.  No mind, no dreaming, no boundary to encapsulate the ego.  This nirvikalpa samadhi state brightly dawns anew as the presence of the undying spirit of the Godhead, which ignites a profound remembrance of the selfless self, the Omniself, as oneself...  our very truest self, which we each share together (an echo of the Source).  "Many are called but few are chosen."   <3 <3

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