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Quote from: JO_neness
Thank you for responding.

By many many uses, I mean about 100 over the course of one year. Synthetic 5-MeO-DMT, 20 mg smoked. At one point I was doing this 3 times a in a session, following the method of Martin Ball (I don't recommend him obviously)

So you are saying that you've had 100 journeys in one year?  From my perspective, that is way too many times to maintain internal balance and ground the teaching, through integration.  20mg is very, very potent and if some of your 100 journeys were with 3 sessions of 20mg in a single day...  no wonder you are having major health issues.  I have never exceeded 9 mg and I honestly though that taking 9mg might actually kill me.  You've way overloaded your system, my friend and that's an understatement.  My prayer for you is that you believe in your own innate ability to heal your system and find peace of mind. You are not alone.   <3 <3

Quote from: Jo-_neness
It's already been a year and a half since my last psychedelic and I still haven't improved. I'm pretty sure this is lasting brain damage.
You say you can't do permanent damage? In January of last year, I basically spent the whole month not sleeping at all. At the end of it, my skin started loosening and getting older, badly, in a short time. (confirmed by a dermatologist btw) That has not recovered and it isn't going to, it's only got worse in the year since I quit. I'm 24 years of age.

To be honest, I'm not much interested anymore in energy, teachings. That stuff gets real old when you can't have a good nights' sleep for over a year. I just want to lay down and rest. Probably jump off a cliff.

In all honesty, I keep going back and forth, trying to figure out your situation.  I sometimes think you are a troll who is trying to scare other people from ever trying 5-MeO-DMT.  That being said, I also can take your story at face value and feel tremendous empathy for your suffering.  May I ask you why you imbibed to frequently and in such high doses?  Where you seeking a breakthrough experience that just never happened?  Or were you just trying to remember what you had experienced in full peaking moments? 

Regardless of what I think about your posts on this site, please know that there is no permanent damage done, however doubtful you feel right now.  Of course, I am not saying that all "drugs" cannot leave damage to the body and mind, as that would be rather naive.  Alcohol, heoin and other harsh drugs can be quite destructive.   Even so, every cell in the human body is replaced by a new one, every seven years.  While your subtle nerves are no doubt fried from over indulgence...  you can find healing and balance in due time.  You have done what a lot of LSD users did in the 1960s and 1970s, you have overloaded your neurobiology with way, way too much of the sacrement.  Like Icarus, you have flown too close to the sun and have come crashing down from the sky to a difficult landing. 

Please don't entertain jumping off a cliff or a bridge or any other form of suicide.  Today is a new day and you've a long lifetime tomorrows to live.  The greater the overdose, the greater the need for incremental healing.  I do know that the first steps to lasting healing are those of faith, belief and positive affirmation.  It's time for you to create the space in your mind that can allow for healing and integration.  Please understand that I am sending light to you, even as I type these words.  Ask the universe for a new start and you will be rewarded by the degree that you believe you shall receive it.  As the Buddha wisely stated, "As you think, so you shall become."  Plant the seed of hope and be patient for it to grow. 

Ultimately, only you, yourself, can regain balance and find your way back to a healthy life.  I know I can speak for a good number of the members herein, that you are loved and compassionate prayers are winging their way to you.  Be receptive to changing your attitude.  Any imbalances can be righted and come to true.  Do stay clean of any psychedelics for a few years...   maybe even a decade?  For some souls, never imbibing again is necessary. 

My small advice, for the time being, is to work with your body and eat a good diet.  Take each moment as it comes and forge a new pathway for yourself.  Write a new chapter in the book of your life.  You and you alone, are the author of your own destiny.  Hold your head up, buddy.  Open your heart to a new start, a new dream (one which arises whole and grounded).

May you be reborn anew, friend.   _/|\_ _/|\_

Quote from: JO_neness
I wonder if there are others like me who have done severe/permanent harm to their bodies after many many uses of 5-MeO-DMT. I noticed there isn't a thread on here yet talking about harm reduction, so this could be a place for us to talk about it.

I am so sorry you are still suffering, friend.  What do you mean by, "many many uses"?  How frequently had you been imbibing?  What have you been smoking, Toad venom or synthetic 5-MeO and in what dosages?  Too much medicine is in fact, often poisonous.  You cannot, however, do permanent damage, the body can always reset to health, although you may not exactly feel so right now.  In time you will be transformed into true, reborn and whole.  The first step towards rebirth is releasing the past traumas and embracing healing vibrations drawn from the source.  Find your connection to the source and follow it's teaching.   _/|\_ _/|\_

Do give yourself some significant time to heal and please forgive me if this sounds rather blunt...  but please stop using entheogens for a while, whether 5-MeO or any other psychedelics, altogether.  Might it not be wise to take a much needed sabbatical?  I honestly suspect that you have gone to the well far, far too often without proper grounding and in so doing, have yet to restore balance via methodical integration. 

I did that myself with massive doses of real LSD-25, taken far too frequently, way back in the 1970s.  It's kind of like eating too much in one sitting.  Digest what you've over earnestly indulged in...  and put down the fork n' spoon.  Pronto.  I stopped all use of all entheogens for nearly 18 years, until I was ready to continue the medicine path with respect and some modicum of restraint.  Epic journeys are alluring but if overdone, the after effects mess with our return to ordinary life.  Less is more.  You will find the way, I sincerely wish you wellness.   <3

If there's any other people who have permanent symptoms after chronic use such as buzzing, tremor, anxiety and insomnia, among others, please let it be known. I can't believe I'm the only one yet I feel so lonely. If anyone else is out there who is going through the same experience, please reach out. Thank you <3

Again, your belief that your symptoms are permanent is so counterintuitive.  What is ever permanent about any existential paradigmn?  Healing and balance are a choice you must make and furthermore, you need to believe that you can find balance, that you can come to wholeness, that you can find peace.  This requires redirecting the same energy surges which you now suffer with, 180 degrees towards an unswerving faith, a foundation in sincere surrender, the intentional positive affirmations and an undaunted resolve to get busy integrating the immense forces surging within your dream bubble of self.  We all fly too close too the sun when we grow new wings.  But we rebound with humility and take new flight.  It's a journey that spans lifetimes beyond count.

Please don't misunderstand my reply as being unsympathetic or lacking empathy, as I do care and send some loving light your way.  It's just that it's paramount that you understand that you've unwittingly taken too much energy into your system.  The voltage was too great for your present ability to channel.  It is not uncommon.  Fear and discomfort can be great teachers if you listen to their message and heed the lessons they lay down.  Your biggest issue is an inability to find internal harmony and balance, yes?  If you believe it can manifest, it will.  If you believe it cannot...  then, it simply cannot.  Choose wellness and incrementally make it a living reality, mate.   _/|\_ _/|\_

« on: April 02, 2019, 09:58:42 AM »
I'd like to briefly touch upon the state of mind which our beloved sacrement shapes.  I feel that it is key for us to understand that conscious-awareness does in fact exist without any thought, as a primary fulcrum of beingness.  Absense of mental dialog is still a vital focal point of keen observation.   The Zen tradition terms this state as, No Mind.  The great quietude.    _/|\_ _/|\_

It effulgently pulses in sheerest resplendence without need of conceptualization or quantification.  The biggest hurdle any voyager faces is the rememberance of WTF actually happens when the thinking process is frozen, or more accurately, is rapidly dissolved (albeit temporarily). 

This is essentially where deep meditation is of vital importance, for without ideas and conditioned mental modes of cognitive operation (one's  normal modus operendi), there is the life changing experience of being something else, something immense, ineffible and wholly spiritual in nature.  Unborn and ageless, yet all pervasive and ancient.

Holding focus throughout the peak reveals interiors within interiors, whose epicenter is wholly formless and undifferentiated without fixation.  I humbly confess that as terrifying as thus can be...  it blooms into the greatest bliss imaginable.  Just an afterthought.   Enjoy this eternal moment, guys.  <3 <3   

« on: March 31, 2019, 12:11:08 PM »
Quote from: bella17
I am a yogi, studying and practicing from the traditional hatha background (as opposed to the Kundalini yoga teachings, which are a different methodology). I have not had a full kundalini awakening, but my kundalini has been open and mildly active for many years, particularly during meditation. Most noticeably, this comes in the form of subtle vibration, shaking, spontaneous movements that I am not controlling, etc.

Namaskar and welcome to the 5 Hive.  It's wonderful to have you onboard.  I assume, as a hatha yogi, you practice mantra japa and pranayama?  I have walked many roads and trained in various systems of meditation but they have all led deeper within and augmented greater surges of energy throughout the body.  Sadhana has been paramount to peeling away layers of dreaming illusion and mis-identification.  On the highest levels, we find that what we seek is our very own nature itself.    _/|\_ _/|\_

I use yoga and meditation nowadays as a tool for spiritual growth, and as life and the process of going inward has started to intensify and I continue to face my own shadows head on, I have turned to exploring with various psychedelics in order to help me face the things that I’m having trouble getting to otherwise. This has been a slow process, as there has been a lot of fear on my part to “lose control” with psychedelics, but I am gaining an understanding that this is the exact reason I must persist.

I feel that one of the greatest misnomers about the nature of conscious-awareness, especially where entheogens are concerned, is that we have any control over the process of ego death.  Each of us needs to let go, to allow for a certain undoing of the personal, mortal self.  Now as individuals, we do have tangible control over willing ourselves to embrace surrender, to accept being dissolved into the immense limitlessness of the sheer void.  And abject terror can be our teacher.  Fear is a mirror of sorts, revealing where we are attached and in so doing, how to release our attachments and face all fears as lessons in self-reflection.  That being said, I do believe that love is perhaps the greatest teacher of them all.  We lose ourselves when we love without reservation or any condition.   <3 <3   

My experience to date (mild mushroom trips, several ayahuasca ceremonies and most recently 5-meo) have all had one striking similarity: a strong energetic effect. A release or un-tapping of kundalini, manifesting in powerful energy surges, in some cases lasting for several hours. It was after my second ayahuasca ceremony a couple years ago this particular 8 hour (!) surge happened. This was, I believe, the moment that induced kundalini to start rising (as opposed to it mildly moving but not really going anywhere.) While most of these experiences have not been uncomfortable, per se, it’s become clear to me that when I use psychedelics it directly affects the energy system in tangible ways. Needless to say, that 8hr experience was extremely draining.

Psychedelics surely do open neural pathways into higher spheres of consciousness, flooding one's attention with a tremendous bloom of insight and as  suddenly, tears away the ordinary fabric of the dreaming self, which habitually blinds us to the living presence of the Divine, right before us and the epicenter within us, all along.  Without the false fascade of being an isolated organism, separate from everything else out there, the great web of life graciously reveals the interconnection and symbiosis inherent in all life.  Grace is huge!  This enlightenment can be realized without entheogens but the sacred medicines help to expediate the process of kundalini activation and gifts the direct interphase with the source.  Yet we all come down.  Dare we call it a preview? Such immense, expansive forces being released puts a lot of stress upon nadis within the subtle body, so less is more.   

While I know I cannot lump these different entheogens into one category, as their experiences and methodologies are all different, I can broadly say that I’ve never had much in the way of hallucinogenic effect (mildly with ayahuasca) but rather, there has always been a sense that the plant (or the 5-meo in that case) was working on the energy system itself as a way of “clearing the channels”.

Agreed, they all have very unique qualities, characteristics and attributes.  Some gift more visuals, some more sonics.  "Hallucinations" are specifically, Ajna chakra phenomena and if you imbibe in higher does of real LSD or psilocybin mushrooms, these can get very complex and quite unbelievable.  Have you vaped N,N-DMT?  Talk about a kaleidoscopic journey!  5-MeO opens channels which attune to limitless effulgence.  Each plant teacher has it's own signature and specific, potent effects. 

But yeah, they do share the capacity to dramatically shift our attention and aid in dissolving the ego-self.  5-MeO-DMT is the very pinnacle of such a powerful catalyst and I feel that it is working with our most expanded fields of the mind's heart and via the immense release of cosmic juice, explodes the seeker into that which is sought.  I concur with James Orac, 5 is a wholly Sahasrara oriented experience.  This sacrement shows us that there is no true difference between the inside and the outside.  Atman is Brahman. 

I understand that 5-meo theoretically opens up our crown chakra and gives us that experience of ultimate non-duality (enlightenment) but without “doing the work” and clearing the energy pathways (which also entails working on your psychology) we cannot reach that place for good. My experience with 5 was in no way earth shattering. I did not ‘see god’ or feel non-duality or any of that. Mostly, I just blacked out. But again, when coming back to reality, it unleashed a well of energy, this time all emotional. I cried uncontrollably.. neither happy nor sad. Just raw energy being released.

Learning from the Toad or it's synthetic counterpart is a difficult path.  Certainly, the biggest challenge is in maintaining focus during the peak.  As the subject/object dichotomy vanishes, as individuality evaporates in the plume of the rise into Samadhi...  holding attention can be derailed and such blackouts or more correctly put, whiteouts, obscuring our remembrance of the self-shattering eclipsing with the infinity that is God.  There is just the One.  Meditation is so key to strengthening our concentration.  Ultimately, our inner vision blossoms beyond the relative perception into the transcendence of the Absolute state and this is why we are here now (where we always been and shall forever be).   _/|\_ _/|\_

Greetings to each and all of you.  I was blessed to embark upon my fourth experience with 5-MeO-DMT, an intense immersion within the timeless bloom of this present moment, this eternally dawning now.  As with my first three journeys, last summer, I entered the blinding luminosity of a full-blown whiteout experience.  I was fully conscious every minute of the direct interphase.  Oh my God!   _/|\_ _/|\_

I have studied the phenomenon of conscious-awareness for close to forty five years now, since I was a wee lad of 16 years old and have little by little, incrementally come to understand that consciousness itself, is much like the nature of light.  Consciousnesskeeps can be enveloped in darkness, as with the unconscious-ness of the deep sleep state, semi-conscious, as with our "normal" waking life and even supra-conscious, as with heightened states triggered directly by entheogens.  This sacred medicine opens up yet another level of conscious-awareness, one which transcends the subject/object dichotomy. 

I refer to this state as Omni-consciousness.  It is a nondual frequency of mind. Well, way beyond what we ordinarily conceive of as being of the mind. It's really more of a blossoming fulcrum of ever- expanding universal mind.  I believe it is a state without any iota of thought, without any degree of self-identification and exists as a still point of unwaivering attention, one in which all differentiation dissolves into a holistic pulsation of undifferentiated, Absolute being.  During full white-out mode, ideas change from one's routine of accustomed thought patterning, to a deep pause of such a mechanism.  Within such a silencing of the mortal mind, there becomes a space for other modes of experience.  Opening doors to perceptual vistas beyond the beyondest of beyonds.

Each time I journey with this molecule, I am swept away by the incredible sonics accompanying the immense shift in attention.  So much about the trip is purely Yogic and Tantric in nature.  What the Sufi mystics have named "Shabd" (divine music), becomes highly discernible as one's concentration occilates at higher and still higher levels, more expanded and primordial vibratory frequencies.  Behind and deeply within these ringing harmonies, rumbles the sound of eternity, the overtone which ignites all motion from an immeasurable stillness...  whose sonic birth echoes the holy droning song of AUM, whose alluring tone is eternally buzzing.  This ignites a dawning and it is refracted within the myriad reflections of the One.  Twin currents wrestle entwined, each a reflection of the other, opposite energy polarity. 

It's sound always pulls my fixation from the mortal to the immortal.  The One expression naturally creates this grand, panorama of diversified life, upon which the light of God freely shines, mirroring it's Absolute intelligence and simultaneously, radiates an all-embracing touch of a love.  A freedom that has no destination, preference nor intended design aimed freely at each point in the picture.  It simply manifests into being from the great white void and emits consciousness...  who can rightly say just why...  simply because it does. 

Again, there was a paired interplay between the observer and that being observed.  One moment no-thing was happening...  all was undifferentiated brilliance.  An effulgence within any shadow to recognize it as effulgence.  So blinding as to be wholly ineffible.  The next moment, there was the sense of a sort of gravity of self.  A vested interest and yearning desire to become...  to be existent.  I am.  I am here.  I have always been here.  I shall always be here, forevermore.  Then, all dissolves back into the undifferentiated.  Here, I am unborn.  I am wholly unformed.  I am before I am.  I am yet to arrive as who I am.  I simply am.  Am I really?  Lol   ::)

This enigmatic fluttering counterpoint was matched by the hugely rapid beating of my heart.  This dichotomy betwixt the clearly perceivable interconnection of the infinite web of being or unified field and the all-pervasive emptiness and insubstanciality hidden within everything, the unbroken core of the indivisibility of the inherent divinity which seats as epicentrical to each and all.  I guess what I am driving at is that from one millisecond to the next, the whole of the universe came into intricately majestic form, while that which cannot be divided hums along indivisibly, re-absorbing God and the entire cosmos as if it never had even happened at all. 

Learning to regulate the heartbeat during the imbibing of this powerful sacrement, has become more natural to me.  Remembering to breathe evenly and keeping the attention steadily focussed upon the Omni-conscious activity throbbing inside of my physical shell and coursing throughout the circuitry existent as humankind.  The release of kundalini continues to sky-rocket from the base of the spine, to the highest portal atop of the higher crown region or seventh chakra. 

In my deepest inner experiences, this area is where the energy explodes into a cascading fountain, flooding into the entirety of the auric/ethereal, Atmaic body, which is seamlessly sheathed within the 3 dimensional material body.  As this occurs, tears spill from the corners of my eyes and Amrita trickles from the upper brain to the center (pineal) and furthest rear area of the throat, tasting sweet and most euphoria inducing. 

This then is Samadhi?  It cannot be said from our relative point in the dualistic paradigmn.  Such ecstatic immersion is too transcendental to describe in mere words alone.  It's all about the direct vibe.  I feel that the entrancement is more about pure sensation, soul resonance and our interconnection with the whole of the great web of life.  Of course, during the full eclipsing and the whiteout peak...  nothing but the whiteness and immensity of an indescribable energy source is known as oneself (one self).  I believe that the very same singularity of "one self", is perrenially existent as everyone, everywhere, always and forevermore. 

And that is all that is known.  In so knowing, the knower is consumed by the knowledge.  At such a moment, there is really no longer anyone to observe anything.  Only room for One.  Even so, conscious-awareness still abides and it does so in it's own Omnipotent way.  From this side of the looking glass, it is the reflection of the faceless face of Brahman.   _/|\_ _/|\_

Two days ago, there was a distinct ascendance from the very tipping-top of the rear crown area, to a vortex of energy an arms length higher still.  It is an eight chakra and the point at which the soul enacts life through the body.  Sort of like a puppeteer manipulating a marionette but without mortal motive or desire.  From this realm of conscious-awareness, everything appears to unfold spontaneously.  Whatever takes place within the fertile dreamscape of the ego puppet, belongs to the dreaming marionette, endlessly dancing out of an admixture of fear and aspiration, weaving many unfolding desires into the storyline and as a dualistic puppet, remains ever hungry for true love.  <3

Introductions/Newbies / Re: newbie
« on: February 14, 2019, 10:56:13 AM »
Hola and welcome to this wonderful collective.  I am curious if your other six voyages with the medicine were the same for you, in terms of union with the Divine.  Have you been able to stay consciousness during your subsequent journeys?  Have you had the white light immersion in any of your 5 encounters?  Has your Kundalini been activated from any of your sessions?  Where you aware of the sonic nature of the universal pulse, "the carrier wave" or rather, the AUM vibration echoing into eternity?  For myself and the three eclipses I've had with the 5 sacrement, entering the nondual state was sudden and honestly, quite overwhelming.  Everything about it paralleled the classic arousal of Nirvikalpa Samadhi. 

It's sooooooo difficult to describe a place where there is no thought and one's self is wholly dissolved within the immensity and rapture of oneness.  In my 3 experiences, the awareness of being existent remained palpable, yet, I was not a separate aspect of the whole, observing the phenomenon, I had a deep remembrance of having always been the source and the center of that which is beyond any iota of division. This culminates with a dissolution of ego, becoming lost in the blinding effulgence of the undifferentiated void, the unified field of the Omniself.  I share many of your spiritual interests and yogic inspirations, especially Advaita Vedanta.  Please share more of your experiences with us.   _/|\_ _/|\_

General Discussion / Re: Forum Funding
« on: January 23, 2019, 11:41:26 PM »
While ultimately we travel alone, when we touch down it's nice to have a safe haven to share, to learn, to contribute to.  It's only fair that we share some little responsibility in it's continuum?  Truly, many small gestures become a success.  Just my feeling on this matter.   _/|\_ _/|\_

General Discussion / Re: Forum Funding
« on: January 23, 2019, 11:29:09 PM »
I would be glad to pitch in.  Do you have a PayPal account?   _/|\_ _/|\_

Introductions/Newbies / Re: An Intro
« on: January 23, 2019, 11:27:07 PM »
Welcome to the 5 Hive family.  Please dive right in and share some experience reports from your intrepid journeys.  I feel there is great worth in sharing our visions, insights and ideas, sharing our respect for all life and the tremendous beauty of those mysterious voyages beyond relativity and separation from the totality...  deep into the Infinite Field.  I look forward to your narratives, my friend.   _/|\_ _/|\_

General Discussion / Re: Forum Dead?
« on: January 16, 2019, 08:54:51 PM »
Perhaps much of the silence relates to how difficult it is to retain 100% recollection of the peak moments and this being coupled with the daunting task of putting into words, the One single word, putting an observation about indivisible consciousness?  The human mind is accustomed to existing in the realm of the dualism of polarity, the dynamic of subject and object...  whereas, when 5 stops all thought, pure awareness alone resides.  My struggle is based on bringing my focus back up that high and entering the bright void.  There are no feasible words.  That stuff and maybe it's just the Holiday season, as this might be part of the long quietude.   _/|\_ _/|\_

« on: January 07, 2019, 10:20:17 PM »
My very first Kundalini experience was triggered by LSD-25 in early 1978.  It was perhaps my 6th or 7th psychedelic experience?  And despite my years of involvement with sitting meditation (initially Zen but followed by TM), I had no idea exactly what Kundalini was or what changes it could bring to one's perception of oneself, universal energy and...  an avenue to embracing the immensity of Infinity.  Naturally, this led me on a great quest, one fueled by my initial, spontaneous experiences with the "serpent energy". 

I eagerly became involved in the Self Realization Fellowship in early 1980, which expounds the teachings of Swami Paramahamsa Yogananda (whose book, Autobiography of A Yogi, changed millions upon millions of lives).  Kundalini/Kriya Yoga is the science of energy flow and direct spiritual transmission.  It holds that prana or vital life force, is intricately linked to the breath and the vital spiritual body patiently awaits our focussed attention to awaken within this 3-dimensional paradigmn.  Meditation is sooooooo key towards this endeavor, a path leading beyond the beyondest beyond.  The auric body, the ethereal form which resides concurrent within the physical body, is nurtured and essentially ignited by the rise in our Kundalini.   

Many moons have passed since then and living life has brought me a greater understanding about the nature of this universal play of an unbridled energy and it's silent counterpart, ecstatic repose.  Many things have shaken my surface views on my own life, shattering the self-perpetuated dream of my fragile bubble of individual existence.  At the appex of my search for higher consciousness, following decades of sadhana and deep inquiry...  the alluring call of the entheogenic path pulled my attention right back to the neo-shamanic ways.  Mushrooms led me to N,N-DMT and nearly a decade later, to the miraculous grace of 5-MeO-DMT.  This sacred molecule has redefined everything I know about conscious-awareness, direct intent, spiritual resolve and the ineffible nature of the Absolute force which is all pervasive, wholly inerrant within all of this consensus world of reality, that we all co-create together.     

After some study and reflection about this sacrement of medicines, I found this website, a safe haven for those baptized by the power of the Toad healing.  A kind and wise soul helped me to fascilitate my inaugural voyage with 5.  It superseded everything and more of what my entire spiritual journey had revealed.  Granted all medicines are external allies and without their intervention, we wander through the avenues of reason and imagination.  The Kundalini release shook me to the core and I honestly expected that I had gone and done it...  overdosed and in so doing, died.  Thankfully, I live on to tell the tale.  At the peak moments of the voyage into Divine Light, it was difficult to maintain poise and posture.  I fell forward, hands outstretched, as I fell into the expanse of an infinite, all-absorbing presence.  Holy...  God!!! 

The Kundalini shot up the spinal axis with such intensity and immediacy, I was scarcely able to hold my attention upon the HUGE ascension to the higher crown region.  Good lord...  the parallel waves of energy which rises with the rushing force of the God Molecule, crisscrossed at each chakra, oddly, it did not find it's home within the sweet spot of any psychedelic traveler, the all-seeing eye, the proverbial third eye or Ajna chakra.  The current lingered for some minutes but shifted much higher, only to explode like a supernova within the field of the limitless expanse of the Sahasrara (the 7th chakra). 

Within seconds, all I could perceive was unlimited primordial Light.  I had been dissolved by the sky rocketing eclipse.  The whole of my perceptual field was fully immersed in a fulcrum of insubstanciality, undifferentiated effulgence.  Tonal frequencies hummed and buzzed with tremendous presence.  I find that 5 loves to use sound and vibration to reveal the higher truths.  I have had many whiteout experiences but this and the two other anointments which followed, lifted my awareness to the point where the difference between oneself and all other selves is zero. There are no words, truly, but suffice it to say that such grand immersions are what leads me deeper and deeper into my daily spiritual practices.  Another benefit is a far greater feeling of interconnection with all other life forms engaged within this web of life we weave as an intricate collective whole.   _/|\_ _/|\_

Ethics and Ecology / Re: BEST PRACTICES from The Conclave
« on: December 21, 2018, 11:29:15 PM »
Word.  Let's keep what's sacred, purely sacred.  Love is an infinite gift.  One without measure or price.  Wisdom reveals everything that's needed AND all that is required is direct immersion.  An eclipsing of oneself and Godself...  as there is no difference.   <3

Introductions/Newbies / Re: My 1st experience ...
« on: November 22, 2018, 09:28:21 PM »
Welcome home and please do continue to share your experiences with the 5 medicine.  Was it natural Toad venom or lab synthesized 5-MeO-DMT?  I just read your 1st trip report.  Sorry to hear about the discomfort.  Are you planning on taking another journey with a higher dosage?  Thanx for sharing!!!  8)

Science / Re: Omega Brainwave Activity
« on: November 08, 2018, 09:52:25 PM »
You know, the Lamda wave meets many of the criteria for my theoretical Omega wave.  It's activation correlates to mystical and out of body experiences and the brainwave activity therein.  The most fascinating thing to me is that while it vibrates at a frequency of up to 200 Hz, it has been observed to ride piggy-back upon the easy breezy Epsilon wave, whose vibrational frequency is a staggering .5 Hz!  So, logically speaking, does this suggest that the highest measurable Hz frequency links to the lowest Hz frequency?  This is the kind of thing that keeps me up late at night.   ;D

That being said, what I have proposed as a theoretical hypothesis about an Omega wave, may well be the point where human consciousness transcends the brain and moves into hyper reality.  Awareness exists without a thought or any sense of one's own individual self.  If my theory about that kind of heightened, super state of mind I label Omega holds any weight at all (and admittedly it may not), it must be an end point in the spectrum, an unbroken stillness which exists in vast, eternal proportions.  It's intriguing to ponder about these things, eh? 

After a descent amount of balancing and integration, I now feel ready to share some details of my experiences accumulating into 3 sequential, uber deep voyages into the blinding white light, which this sacred molecule so effectively gifts, whose energetic upsurge thereby transposes the earnest pilgrim straight into infinite conscious-awareness.  1, 2, 3...  and gone.   _/|\_ _/|\_

Granted, this is a bold assertion indeed but if one surrenders to the immense force, one fuses within the fulcrum of a full attunement within the heart of the indivisible Godhead. What I have gleaned from my triad journeys and immersions, all boils down to:  surrender/ ego death/ transcendence/ union with infinite being and gradually, this is crystallized into an innocence blooming as an awakened rebirthing.  Ideally, the heart expands beyond all boundaries and feels connected to all life, everywhere.   <3

Sure, we return to our accustomed self-orientation but everything is very, very different.  A potent shift has taken place and the dreamer knows by first-hand knowledge that what humanoids call " God" is everywhere, present as everything, encompassing everyone, forever.  I'd like to add and I've little doubt that each human being who has been touched by this immense medicine will concur with the simple proclamation that All is One.  All true entheogens shed light upon this eternal truth....  yet 5 removes the artifice of personal existentialism.  And it does so in a remarkably brief amount of time.  Wow...  just wow.  Words are not up to the task of squeezing the Absolute into a nutshell.  I am still humbled and shattered by the impact.  And most grateful, surely.   _/|\_ _/|\_

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