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Your energy is sincere and most beautiful.  I wish you all the best upon your intrepid spirit journeys into oneness.  Please share more of your profound experiences.   _/|\_ _/|\_

Remember: always accompanied. Always.
Thank you for sharing your journey, Pedro.  Was this flight a difficult one for you?  Your awe and gratitude were very touching.  Why do you suggest being, "always accompanied"?  I have only taken solo voyages and always do, regardless of the entheogens imbibed.  Bless you, my brother.   _/|\_ _/|\_

Introductions/Newbies / Re: Greetings 5hivers
« on: October 13, 2018, 10:19:10 PM »
Quote from: GoldenDragonfly
Thank you for such a well written and deeply profound reply Rising Spirit. I am touched by your words, and feel the truth in them. It was exactly what I needed to hear.  _/|\_
You are most welcome, dear bright soul.  I simply resonated with your openness and the beauty of your truly unique spirit.  Sure, we are all one and we each are emmanations of the Infinite...  but we still each sparkle in our own fantastic way.  We all go through the same stuff.  We admit our trepidations and yet, we touch the Absolute.  We die as individuals and are reborn as light beings, wholly merged through intent into the vibrant effulgence of the unbroken totality, the pure light of the Godhead...  The One.  Your story is my story, is our collective story.  <3

Quote from: GoldenDragonfly
I have a question for you, I was wondering if you have any experience of knowledge about doing Ayahuasca within the same week or two of doing toad medicine? As I was in Peru recently and was shocked to find so many retreats offering a large number of powerful sacred medicines in a short amount of time.
In my own belief system, and who can say if it is valid or off the mark....  this is most unwise.  Firstly, it shows little respect for the teacher plants and secondly, it confuses the voyager, as the medicines mixed together loose something of the purity of their teachings (in light of their specific and particular healing).  I feel it's best embrace them with full attention, stepping into full immersion with the particular lessons and augmentation each molecule bestows.  Overloading your system with several medicines is a dangerous path.  Some find great benefits, as others loose their intended aim and focus.   Many fuse their heart to such combinations and seeking this HUGE effect is their own calling...  while others staunchly avoid it. You decide for yourself.  I advise restraint and sincere interphases. 

Quote from: GoldenDragonfly
I am writing a book in relation to this and would like to have your input, as I am including this in a section to warn people to not overdo such things.. as I feel its too much for most peoples nervous systems to mix those things as if ordering from a menu at a restaurant.. I don't believe many people are aware of the consequences that can have on them, and end up getting "blown out".

Nice.  Hold true to your vision and your inspiration.  Please write your book and sincerely share your insights into this miracle of this existence we share.  I know you are here to do good works.  Shine on, clearly, sweetly and ever so brightly!!!    _/|\_ _/|\_

Introductions/Newbies / Re: Greetings 5hivers
« on: October 08, 2018, 10:17:46 PM »
Golden Dragonfly, please know that you are awakening to integrate a new chapter within your life story.  Your honesty and sincerity ring like a bell from within the well of your heart.  It's not easy having a full blown kundalini release.  Sleep patterns shift, the familiar world becomes unreal.
Our connections with others swings from affinity to uncertainty, to sheer confusion and redemption (and rebirth).  Sometimes it seems as if this mortal world is quite dubious and one's interaction with fellow human beings accelerates into a new language, into new dimensions... often challenging and less unfied than ideally hoped for (given the often harsh encounters within our earthly paradigmn). 

That being said, the Sacred Medine commands an attunement with each and every point of conscious-awareness.  We are one and this is the true message.  Nondual vision is our inheritance, our truest nature.  But it's so primarily important to be patient with yourself.  Allow yourself to re-assimilate the ignited pure spiritual energy dancing so wildly within your biological system. 

I have found that if sleep won't come when the invited hour strikes, we grow exponentially as people, by shifting our attention to deep meditation and direct our focus upon soul immersion within the causative force beneath all appearances, forever present within every occurrence and alive in all possibilities, freely at play as it manifests as "the world" which we co-dream into a mutually perceptual reality.  Yet it remains infinite, absolute and eternally free.   

Find guidance within yourself, friend.  The sacrament reveals the light and the unity but we must touch the earth with this miracle.  We are called to open ourselves to our interconnections with everything.  I sooooooo respect your wise choice to integrate the teachings before going back to the sacrament. 

I honestly believe that we bloom in our own unique ways.  There are no formulas.  You are the architect of your own design.  Follow your own vision, be your own light and plunge fearlessly and eagerly into the vast ocean of your mind's heart.  Shine on brightly and thank you for bring here, as you so rock!  Namaskar.   _/|\_ _/|\_

Science / Re: Omega Brainwave Activity
« on: October 04, 2018, 12:27:58 AM »
Quote from: RoundAbout
I never said I disbelieve that spectacular undiscovered changes occur in the brain while under the influence of powerful molecules. I think that it seems unlikely that these changes are attributable to this omega frequency, unless you grant that it is somehow extremely difficult to detect. As a non-expert, assuming limitations of a technique and its engineering seems fraught unless well justified, especially if the limitation is present within the ordinary use of the technology. In absence of strong justification, it seems like one is disparaging the technology to advance their own beliefs.

Please pardon me for the delayed response.  I work 6 days a week and I've had a number of home improvement projects and creative endeavors occupying my attention.  Thank you for your fine reply.  I never said or implied that you denied that the primary psychedelics trigger said spectacular occurrences (and always have opened doors of perception which exist within alternate fields of existential being).  As for myself, whomever I may be at this very moment, I never claimed that a hypothetical Omega wave was in any way a catalyst.  What does constitute the shift in conscious-awareness is primarily the molecules involved.  I chose the name Omega to imply a far-reaching departure from the established, well mapped out states of mind.  I do emphatically speculate that the state does indeed exist....  with or without our participation or our acknowledgement of it's existence.

I do suggest through word-play that as Alpha is the begging, Omega is the polarized ending.  Omega wave function may well be the seeming cessation of brain wave activity as we currently understand it?  Not unconsciousness, rather, supra-consciousness... Samadhi.  It is neither a seizure state nor a state of comatose.  The message of my hypothetical construct revolves around a state of consciousness in which individuated brain wave activity does not exist, experientially speaking.  Obviously the brain still functions while the attention of the observer still holds witness to being present and alert, yet, subjectivity is held in stasis, a focussed and clear void of thought.  The Zen Buddhists refer to this phenomenon as, "No Mind".  The main question which might feasibly be raised is, can it be detected by neurological science, it's methodologies and it's technologies?  Does it behave as the other waves do and if it doesn't, how do we map it's parameters?  I don't know and cannot claim to know.

Quote from: RoundAbout
To address the main thrust of your statements: I think an analogy can be made with mineralogy in the discovery of the first natural quasi-crystal, icosahedrite. It was found by searching databases of X-ray diffraction patterns that had the potential to be misinterpreted as minerals, while actually being quasi-crystalline (and therefore lacking translational symmetry). It was then confirmed with detailed measurements. Why was it searched for? The precedent was found in decades of quasi-crystal synthesis in chemistry. Unbeknownst to the researchers, this exact quasi-crystal had even been synthesized before, whereas this sample was from an asteroid. There are probably mountains of EEG data, but where is your precedent, and how will you actually search for it? Does it mimic seizure activity or something?

The main thrust of my statements is in fact, the honest desire of one who has given nearly forty years of their life looking beyond the surface confines the known and the procedurally quantifiable.  Undiscovered miracles do remain shrouded in mystery. But who doesn't love a good mystery?

Granted, how this relates to brain wave detection does come off as a leap away from logic and concrete deduction.  That being said, I've long believed that reason is a wonderful tool and not meant to become a prison.  I first entertained this notion in 1980, due to firsthand experience.  I was amongst a small group of participants undergoing EEG brainwave scans, while engaging in progressive stages of guided visualization, a period of contemplation and sitting deep meditation, progressively leading to what we used to phrase in those days as, "silencing the mind".

My heart rate, respiration and brainwave activity were monitored for about 35-40 minutes.  I was not under the enigmatic effect of any psychedelic or entheogenic substance, nor was I deep into a period iof fasting or sensory deprivation.  Myself and a few other fellow members of the Moksha Foundation, were invited by a few people whose research was apparently funded by the University of Colorado.  I found it fascinating at the time and that's an understatement.  At the appex of my session, I was told that my brain was experiencing gamma wave activity.  This is wholly congruent with studies involving EEG scans on Indian yogis and Tibetan Buddhists.  Swami Rama was instrumental in the pioneering research taking place in the late 1970s and 1980s.  While a good deal of information was forthcoming...  the general gist was to attribute extraordinary states of mental activity to higher gamma wave resonance, the higher mind activated through such an exquisite band of cognitive functioning. 

But as highly speculative as it may appear in absence of evidence corroborated through procedural method.  I am personally certain that there are levels upon levels, expanding beyond the known and rationally knowable, quantifiable consensus belief in any reality which has clearly defined parameters within a known spectrum.   As such, the basic theory revolves around the suggestion that there is another brain wave state which perhaps lies beyond what we currently understand, a supra high frequency field within the higher mind, one in which stops all thought fluctuations, an enigmatic pause between the artifice of human beliefs and the wide open expanse of possibility, exponentially expanded, ad infinitum (something Hive members share amongst themselves by having crossed the threshold, as well).  I suspect that sober master souls throughout our species' long history and it's unfolding future, have experienced.

Quote from: RoundAbout
I lack tact in the absence of tone, my apologies (not saying that reading my comment with proper tone would make it tactful, just that I resort to rudeness in text conversation to avoid confusion). I engage with consensus reality, and if you want to lead me a few steps off that path, I will entertain those notions. I will not follow you to your world, where few people are. I think that if you are unable to interface these two worlds for most people, they will have no desire to follow your exact thoughts. My comment on you not using an EEG before was simply a statement that the first step down that path might be comparing your state with the feedback from an EEG; this is not condescension. I don't know.

That's cool and I do believe you.  As they say in sunny Brazil, "nao problema".   I am glad you took the time to share your well-crafted, intelligent counterpoint.  And my purpose in presenting this thread was mostly born in a kind of post-tripping spontaneity.  I had recently had my third experience with 5-MeO-DMT and was revisiting an idea which I had four decades ago and still revisit occasionally.  This 5 molecule took me so deeply into the nondual state...  I was shaken to the very depths of my being.  Much of the experience cannot be described but there are jewels which have been culled from the direct interphase with the Absolute.  Even calling it, "Absolute" is quite ludicrous. 

Quote from: RoundAbout
I agree that these experiences simply aren't understood scientifically. But why then, must they directly relate to this particular thing which is probably currently measurable? To be frank, it's what you thought while/from taking large amounts of drugs.

it is what it is

To be equally frank, there are no limits to conscious-awareness.  Intuition may not be a science but it is a force which often leads to new breakthroughs and discoveries.  "Who feels it knows it".  But such a proposed wave must be more than just a hunch, it remains a mystery until it becomes reliably detectable.  I don't know if it is feasible to entertain this idea, which is currently immeasurable, for it theoretically remains undetected by any known standard procedure.  And while some early explorations and studies were undergone with human participants under the influenced mescaline, LSD and mushrooms, way back in the 1960s...  all of that changed in the wake of the scheduling of these psychedelics, during the repression of the 1970s and further on.  Research went from quite widespread to practically underground.  A new day dawns in this 21st century and perhaps we are approaching greater interest in researching such areas?   _/|\_ _/|\_

I have some notes jotted down from the 3 journeys and I will be adding some of the noticeable  effects and sensations encountered, sometime tomorrow.   _/|\_ _/|\_   

Reborn! I also had a full Kundalini release as well.
It's quite extraordinary that certain molecules can so effectively transform the very fabric of one's subjective perception.  This sacrement seems to be able to suddenly and unexpectedly tear the veil that separates individualized cognitive functioning and universal consciousness.  How it triggers full blown Kundalini activation is a mystery to me but who doesn't love a good mystery?  Ultimately, the energy comes into attunement with the mind's heart, the balance of heaven and earth.   <3

I feel that I understand what psilocybin and n,n-DMT are doing in my system and my brain.  Honestly, most of my psychedelic experiences revolve around the third eye, in terms of the greatest amount of witnessing the visual panorama.  It's no small wonder that people refer to the Ajna chakra as, the mind's eye.  When the pineal gland begins to buzz like a bumblebee or a hummingbird, one's attention takes a journey into fantastic fractalized geometries.  Perhaps because of decades of sitting and moving meditation, it was natural making a concerted effort to launch my focus into the epicenter of the Infinite Grid?  In ascension, consciousness is absorbed into the white light which beams blindingly bright above the open lens of the pulsations of the third eye (and in so doing, crosses into the full bloom of the higher crown, the Sahasrara/ 7th chakra).

5-MeO launches one's attention to the top of the crown with little pausing at the kaleidoscopic vortexial fulcrum of the Ajna, unfolding in the rear of the head like a flower blooming.  There was a powerful sensation of wings spreading from the back part of the higher crown region.  The energy body which resides within my physical person does a sort of reverse somersault and traverses out if the limiting confines of the mortal cage.  A great guy over at the DMT-Nexus, Hyperspace Fool, refers to this phenomenon as, "back-flipping".  As the astral body mirrors the shape of the material body, the feeling is like being lifted from the heels and rotated backwards, up and out of the physical husk.  Many call such experiences, astral projection.  I had attempted to achieve it for decades through concentration/meditation/attention and while I had some positive voyages, albeit just fleeting journeys.  Through entheogenic help, it becomes exponentially easier and far deeper. 

In my experiences, which totals just three times now, the energy doesn't stop there...  it, the witnessing self's parameters expand through multiples if dimensional frequencies and so, activates awareness of an endless unfolding of selves, until ultimately, all separation of the human neurological system from it's very source of being vanishes.  Spilling into the Absolute, a blissful love is known as the unseen reality inherent within every aspect and appearance arising from no-nothingness to everything, everywhere...  forever. 

The third experience, two weeks ago today, was with 9mg of the sacrement.  Having some idea as to what I might expect, the liftoff was nearly as intense as the inaugural voyage but with even more immediacy!  This time I made a determined bow to record as much of the characteristic features as I could, taking mental footnotes, as I knew that within mere moments, I would go into ego loss and in so doing, lose the capacity to subjectively comprehend the dynamics of the interphase with the Infinite, for 5-MeO-DMT devours the lines which separate one band of virtual reality from another. 

Whatever names choose to call the force of indivisible being:  Absolute, Infinite, Eternal, Undifferentiated, Sacred, Divine, Unified Field, the presence and totality of God, The Clear Light of the Void...  they are just words.  Nothing even comes close to putting the limitless nature of the Divine Web.  Everything interconnected to everything else, yet, uniquely new and wholly original (but never being anything other than the mirrored reflection of the singular cause of itself/ oneself).  My personal favorites are Brahman and The Tao but It remains nameless, formless and mysteriously, is an empty fullness.

Thirty eight years ago this October, when I was just a boy of 22, I made the foolhardy choice to eat two 4-way blotter hits of super clean LSD-25.  It was a loooooong journey.  Despite the difficulty and essentially, having felt like I had taken a near overdose level of the chemical swimming within my system, I experienced full Kundalini activation and the ecstacy of direct immersion within the effulgence of pure universal being.  I named it the Omniself and still have a penchant for the word.  It has a lovely descriptive quality to it.  It is the core self pulsing within each of the lives of immeasurable appearances and disappearances, comings and goings, as a symphonic song sung by myriad lifeforms.  A chorus of unbroken unity and harmony. 

Sat Chit Ananda   _/|\_ _/|\_

Thank you so much, HumbleVoyager.  It's been like nothing I've as of yet experienced, the enormity, magnitude and the sheer power.  It's all good...  sometimes quite overwhelming still, but I am so very, very thankful for the opportunity to partake in this module's miraculous gift.   _/|\_ _/|\_

Science / Re: Omega Brainwave Activity
« on: September 23, 2018, 08:46:54 PM »
Quote from: RoundAbout
EEG is fairly simple technology that is being embraced by hobbyists, and professional researchers presumably have access to even more advanced equipment. There have been studies of people meditating, on drugs, and probably most other interesting states that can be induced while not moving too much. 

There is immense pressure to publish novel research. Why haven't they discovered this 'omega frequency'? Has it just been sitting there in the data all this time, despite many, many experts looking through this sort of data?  I think everyone would be interested in finding it. So how has it escaped everyone's attention?
I strongly suspect that if said Omega state were easily detectable, it would surely be considered just another frequency of brain wave activity, albeit somewhat of an anomaly.  Then again, it may well be a state of suspended activity.  When thoughts become still, when Samadhi reaches full bloom, just what takes place neurologically?  The tools of the trade are created to find what they are crafted to locate. 

In my personal profession as a bench jeweler, lapidary artist, gemologist and long time student of the geometry of crystallography, we find that yesterday's parameters and established ranges of mapping well-established territories...   are today's antiquated, somewhat obsolete notions.  Each new breakthrough redefines the whole game.   Science is discovery not dogmatism.  Refractive indexes, specific gravity, internal structural density/hardness and chemical composition are set within a defined spectrum and until new examples arrive, these are essentially the laws by which the science as a whole, operates within. 

We catalog the known and the quantifiable phenomena.  Still, new gemstones are discovered that measure outside if established grounds and exist as the object of much delight amongst fellow gem peoples.  This expands the current stratagem to a new degree of possibility and demands alternative measurement (yet another paradigmatic occurrence redefining science and human understanding).  Likewise, the proposed Omega state could be outside of EEG's ordinary field of detection?  It's exciting to speculate.  ::)

Quote from: RoundAbout
Edit: To be more clear, it sounds like you're suggesting something likely detectable in a well researched area based on... a feeling? I doubt you've ever used an EEG to differentiate brain activity... it seems much more likely that you're just being fanciful. If you liked my comment based on believing it was somehow supporting your initial idea, it may be because you have a large bias.
Ouch and yeah, "OUCH" again.  Let's play nice.  I liked your reply simply because you made it, no agenda nor any bias involved.  You expressed your ideas clearly, providing documentation and that made me smile.  Thank you for your insights and the pertinent links...  but please, there's no need to condescend.  That being yelped, I strongly question the content of your projections about my ideas, as I base my theory upon my direct personal and supra-personal experiences, themselves born of deep inquiry and shifting attention from the relative, transitory mind sequences, towards a seamless immersion into the Unified Field.  Yes, my notion is inspired through intuition but that doesn't mean it is without validity.

I have come to discover that my brain is an incredibly complex processor of multifarious data, a repository of multiples of thoughts, impressions and ideas firing ad infinitum.  My hypothesis is neither fanciful nor is it a mere feeling.  Granted, it's like trying to describe a new color based on our perception of the infra red through ultra violet color spectrum.  Many intrepid psychonauts do report seeing new colors which exist beyond our ordinary understanding and defy any kind quantification.  After all, some things occur in extraordinary states of heightened  consciousness and cannot feasibly be measured outside of said higher states. 

Again, I sincerely thank you for your reply.  Be well and shine brightly.     _/|\_ _/|\_

Science / Re: Omega Brainwave Activity
« on: September 13, 2018, 10:23:04 PM »
Have you read Tryptamine Palace by James Oroc?  He has a chapter with a theory that might be similar (or maybe completely different) where he theorizes the psychedelic experience akin to a Bose-Einstein condensate from my recollection.  I admit I haven't read the book in many years and don't recall the details, but maybe worth reviewing to see if it's anything similar to what you're considering?

I just ordered it and am awaiting delivery.  I'm pretty eager to crack it open.  Tryptamine Palace's reputation precedes it in my bookcase!  Sounds wonderful for my integration phase.  I have had 3 powerful experiences and need to take a break for now.  My work is to ground the epiphanies, to integrate the lessons learned about the illusory boundaries between within and without, the inside and the outside.  The way is clear and the path a lit by a blinding, all conscious light.   _/|\_ _/|\_

Science / Re: Omega Brainwave Activity
« on: September 13, 2018, 10:14:50 PM »
Same site.  Interesting stuff but no current data on nondual brain wave frequencies, AKA, the hypothetical omega wave state I am theorizing.

Science / Re: Omega Brainwave Activity
« on: September 13, 2018, 10:02:20 PM »
I found this diagram tonight.  Not exactly what I was alluding to but it shows some broader spectrum of brainwave activities.

Introductions/Newbies / Re: Introduction
« on: September 12, 2018, 09:26:18 AM »
Quote from: VedicPaul
Isn't it something else?  Samadhi and complete transcendence in a matter of mere moments!  The quintessence of Advaita Vedanta with just one deep toke.  Sat Chit Ananda   _/|\_ _/|\_

Quote from: VedicPaul
Been meditating for 25 years now and lived in a temple for 2 years over 20 years ago. I live in Arizona and extracted the poison from the toads myself right near my house. I took around 50mg and broke through on one good lung full before it was completely exhaled.
It's wonderful to know that you have joined this lovely collective.  Which spiritual path have you walked (meditation tradition you've trained within)?  I feel that those who've spent some years in formal sitting practice are better prepared to channel the immense energy into balanced state.  Well...    I suppose nothing can really come close to preparing one for eclipsing with the Infinite...  but it helps to have a steady focus and an unwavering degree of concentration.  Had you experienced any other Sacred Medicines before, like:  LSD-25, psilocybin mushrooms, peyote or N,N-DMT?  It's such a blessing that you live in such proximity with the Toad's natural habitat.  It was truly meant to be.
Quote from: VedicPaul
This experience was it. It.  I think/hope some people here understand. It has forever changed me.  I am so thankful
Yes, I must concur with your words.  It has likewise, changed me forever.  Thank you so much for sharing!  Namaskar, my brother.  <3 <3

Science / Omega Brainwave Activity
« on: September 10, 2018, 09:35:32 PM »
Good evening All.  I would like to present an abstract theory that I initially conceived of decades ago but was rekindled this morning when I watched a video of brother Martin Ball having his brainwave activity monitored while imbibing 5-MeO-DMT.  The process was fascinating and quite remarkable.  I did feel, however, that the scientific paradigm utilized was based wholly on the known territories established by consensus research. 

I feel that there exists a sixth brain wave state, possibly even a seventh but for now let's just focus upon the theory of omega brainwave activity within human cognition.  We are all familiar with:  alpha, theta, delta, beta and gamma.  Yet somehow it seems that there is something else.  I propose the notion of an omega brainwave field.  Much of the mystical experience exists in such a hypothetical state.

I have long suspected that without a closer look at alternate brainwave activities which vibrates on another frequency altogether, we might be missing something quite significant about being human.  Any research along said lines would necessitate a far reaching look into the brain patterning of clairvoyants, monks, mystics, sages and especially, psychonauts.  Does anyone here know if any studies directed to such criteria? 

Admittedly, while technically speaking, I am not a scientist (unless being a trained and well seasoned gemologist holds any pedigree amongst other scientific members, collectively holding the banner of logic and reason, herein)...  but I sense something happening that takes place in a field of conscious-awareness heretofore unexplored.  I've tried to present similar ideas over at the DMT Nexus and had my ass handed to me on a plate.  That being said, I believe that the mystical cannot be separated from the scientific.   Any comments would be most welcomed and appreciated.   _/|\_ _/|\_

Oops, here's the video of Martin's brain scan while peaking on our God Molecule:

Hi Folks, I hope you are all well and your journeys are both enriching and rewarding.

Despite my decision to take the next progressive step to 10 mg of the sacrament, I thoughtfully decided that since I was attempting to map out the essential aspects of the 5-MeO-DMT experience, quantifying the entanglement between the subjective witness and the object of one's rapt attention...   that 10mg was way more than the desired amount of said sacrement.  I am highly receptive to entheogens, so for myself, as a rule of thumb...   less is more  I chose the modest dose of 7mg, instead, just 1mg less than my inaugural voyage.  Ultimately, regardless of dosage, exists the impossibly difficult task of translating the mind-shattering fusion is quite beyond any mortal description in words.

Why so?  Well, there appears to be a tremendous dichotomy betwixt the individual and the totality, the personal and the supra-conscious.  Ergo, it's a leap beyond the grasp of the human ego, as the relative self facing the faceless face of the Absolute is quite literally stopped dead in it's tracks.  Thus, I have struggled like never before to translate what my first interphase with this most magnificent molecule yielded within my direct experience.  I continue to vainly grasp at much of the immense force which destroyed my fragile self-perception, my entire world in a tea cup, which then spilled out into the endless expanse of ultimate being...  losing all sense of separation from the Divine.

The second immersion was ignited by just 7mg of the sacrament.   This was nearly as intense as the previous interphase but having had the initiation from 5-MeO, so this time I was prepared to surrender, abandon my fears and to wholly dissolve within the overwhelming bloom of energy, which had effectively ripped away everything I had been conditioned to believe is "reality".  Obviously, so much of said perceptual encounters arrive to find themselves in new waters, deep waters which there are neither any shorelines nor ocean floors.  In essence, the inside and the outside lose distinction. 

I sat comfortably upon my pile of cushions, steady and ready.  Seconds later, I was shattered like so much delicate porcelain under a force which superseded anything I've ever encountered.  The dust which remained wasn't tragically lost in cold oblivion, rather, it was scattered stardust all aglow with a bliss too profound to convey in narrative.  I was not myself anymore, I had the remembrance that I was actually the beginningless beggining, sparked into rebirth as everyone and everything.  I lost the ability to maintain my subjectivity and as such, thoughts ceased to arise. 

My awareness of my human body had changed from matter to mind, from mind to higher mind, eventually settling within the timelessness of an eternal frequency and blindingly bright field of light pulsations.  This effulgence was my truest nature, the genuine nature of this entire Omniversal manifestation.  The part was and is the whole.  Obliterated within the blinding light, like a month in a flame, all perceptual parameters simmered to a most transparent luminescence, one so clear it was quite invisible and without any iota of any form or substance. 

My epiphany whoever I really am, then found that the "I" was quintessentially nothing at all...  an illusion, a fleeting dreamscape experienced by the tiniest speck of a cognitive being.  Perhaps an illusion within an illusion?  I was unborn and without any modicum of containment nor limitation.  And ironically, I was also the source and the cause everything.  The womb that had gestated my very soul essence, created an embryonic ripple, it could be understood impartiality as my isolated ergo-self paused for what seemed an eternity in the making (yet, it was probably about 15-20 minutes?). 

Oddly enough and despite the total whiteout experience, I (who am I?) remained conscious of this miraculous shift in attention and somehow, most peaceful and well balanced.  My heartbeat was far more settled and less pressed than the first rocketing voyage, regardless of it's dramatic pounding rhythm.  Nothing can be realistically said that could possibly come even close to connecting the seamless nondual realm to it's shadow twin, living life within the often paradoxical realm of the dual.  The Infinite transcends the finite, the eternal remains present throughout the dissolution of the transitory.  The undifferentiated field of the indivisible is the singular yoke hiding within the fragmented parts, awaiting our awakening union, as we traverse the dreamworld of the isolated. 

In such effulgence, there are no appearances of oneself in juxtaposition to others.  After all, there is only one of us.  We each return to the infinite void beyond and within all surface thoughts and ideas, had by mortal beings entranced by duality at play.  I was devoured by the mystery which elludes all quantification and so it out to rediscover who I might be.  Even so, the teaching was clear and bright, healing and wholly shattering.  In the after birth of this phenomenon, lay the ashes of the Divine interphase, I am sooooooo thankful and very deeply humbled.   _/|\_   _/|\_

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