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Preparation and Integration / MDMA + Bufo
« Last post by Blackbird on Today at 09:42:07 AM »
Dear friends,

Any thoughts on the combination of MDMA and Bufo?
Thinking around 80-10mg of MDMA (I am 80kg), and 10-20mg of Bufo around peak with redosing.

Wholeness <3


Journal Articles / Re: Free Access to Journal Articles Behind Paywalls
« Last post by HumbleVoyager on March 12, 2018, 11:01:52 PM »
Right now is active 8)
General Discussion / Re: Building up tolerance
« Last post by Flux on March 09, 2018, 03:29:51 PM »
Hi Ted696,

I would agree that this is a lot to use. In my experience unless the revelations from the experience are being integrated properly and embodied fully. then the medicines will cease to provide guidance (which may manifest as tolerance). There is also some recent suggestion that increased risk of valvular heart disease from activating the 5HT2-B receptors -though "5-MeO-DMT has the weakest interaction with both the three 5-HT2 receptors and the two paradigmatic 5-HT2 receptors (5-HT2A/C)" and seems to be most active on the 5-HT7.

Ray, T 2010, Psychedelics and the human Receptorome

In any case, I have found regular use of 5-MeO (fortnightly or weekly at most) to be most conducive to healing at sub-breakthrough doses: i.e. 5-10mg. What I gain from this is a clearing of the energetic patterns of 'blockage' stored in the body, freeing the nervous system of conditioned response and allowing the electrical signals to flow more freely - this is best utilised as a compliment to with other embodiment practices like Qi-Gong, Yoga, Tai-Chi or even just something like swimming or hiking.

hope this helps,



Introductions/Newbies / Re: Namaste
« Last post by Flux on March 09, 2018, 03:03:07 PM »
Hey brother,

Welcome - this is the place to know more; so ask questions, peruse the experiences, articles and science/spirituality sections.


Journal Articles / Re: Free Access to Journal Articles Behind Paywalls
« Last post by Flux on March 09, 2018, 02:59:58 PM »
Thanks Roundabout,

very useful as even after a year or two of not being at University, I have lost my access to academic databases. Have used Sci-Hub a few times with not much luck unfortunately. I think they simply didn't have the articles I was after. So are there other free-access sites like this

[/size][size=78%] [/size][/size]cheers[size=78%][/size][size=78%],[/size]

Introductions/Newbies / Namaste
« Last post by Infinity on March 08, 2018, 06:43:51 PM »
Hey everyone  ;D  I'm Geordie.

Although I've only had one mild 5 experience, the trip reports on YouTube have blown me away, and I'm very keen to know more!

 _/|\_ <3
Poetry and Art / Re: Celestial Strings
« Last post by Flux on March 08, 2018, 01:54:27 AM »
Love how the Orphic Egg melds so nicely with the words...and is fitting for this medicine
Introductions/Newbies / Re: Greetings Hive people
« Last post by Flux on March 08, 2018, 12:55:03 AM »

Hoa Mai,

It was a pleasure to join you in ceremony too bro  :)

As my second experience with the Toad itself as well, it truly surpassed the first in terms of intensity, depth, release, presence, and healing. It is so interesting to see how different practitioners work with this medicine given its open nature in terms of the ceremonial space, psychic container it is served in, the techniques used and modalities incorporated. The gradual 'ramping up' approach is certainly a methodology I have seen work wonders for those who like to acclimatise to the space with ayahuasca and even Changa (rather than the more sudden strong onslaught of the peak experience of strong medicine) and seems to work well here too.

I am still attempting to discern the nuanced qualitative differences between synthetic 5-MeO and Toad venom and I am beginning to think that these may have more to do with venom being a freebase (as it felt akin to synthetic freebase 5-MeO, as opposed to HcL salt). That being said there was a point in which I felt a strong connecting to the Toad, to Mexico, and to some deep forgotten ancestral linegage (that I felt certain enough to speculate have existed... even though at this point in Western history no anthropological evidence exists to prove this outside of allusions to Bufo Alvarius through iconography).

And please post your first article (maybe keep practitioner names anonymous here too- this one more so than the first)

Arohanui  _/|\_
Articles / Re: Toad Licking Blues
« Last post by Flux on March 08, 2018, 12:30:56 AM »
Awesome - many thanks brother  _/|\_  :)

Spirituality / Re: 5-MeO-DMT and The Clear Light of The Void
« Last post by Rising Spirit on March 07, 2018, 09:38:46 PM »
Quote from: Rising Spirit
And do most people here believe that the nickname, "The God Molecule" is appropriate?

Quote from: Xzen
Personally I'm ok with the name .. however I naturally tend towards referring to "The Miracle Molecule".

Great question, btw. My guess is most folk would err towards a divine term, rather than a religious one.
I think too, there is a trickiness for those who identify with being 'One with God' that can feed delusion.

The miraculous is exactly what I am seeking.  And you are most correct, when you point out that the experience of psychedelically triggered spiritual unity, can create a merging of the relative and absolute nature of conscious-awareness, which may well manifest some degree or modicum of megalomania.  Mayhaps the downside of the mystical experience?

Even so, as long as the higher truths of the nondual experience generates an increase in one's empathy with others, sense of interconnection with everything else present within this existential web of being, then the miraculous has truly taken root and the medicine has done it's job.  Ergo, the central core reveals itself through the awakened self as the spirit healing incrementally or suddenly, reaches soul-saturation, whilst the direct interphase takes place. 

Perhaps equally importantly, when we find a greater harmony and resonance with each moment of life as it unfolds and is fully lived, wholly in the eternal present, a bonafide "miracle" then becomes an ever-widdening vista, an open-ended journey.  A mode of being aimed towards limitless expansion and ultimate freedom.  Together, the individual and collective spirit re-discovers the unity within an infinite, creative diversity...  finding itself unique and reborn anew with far greater harmonic balance. 

When my time comes and 5-MeO anoints my mortal soul, I believe that such a miracle in perception will indeed trigger the kind of focus and intent which exponentially blooms beyond any and all differences and similarities of juxtaposition, between the microcosmic and the macrocosmic fields...  they themselves mirrored reflections and oscillating echoes of the very same frequency of the pure, undifferentiated point of absolute omniversalism, eternally sounding out EVERYWHERE as the very song of life itself and the initial cause of this glorious, symbiotic fabric of myriad universes intersecting in perfect symmetry, as a cohesive whole. 

Now how's that for a run-on sentence?  Lol   _/|\_ _/|\_ _/|\_
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