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Hi there,
I had an incredible experience recently on 5MEO-DMT. I'm now here to figure out what just happened, how and why we feel such intense feelings around death (during the experience), and our utter insignificance in the entire scheme of the universe.

This experience has blown my mind wide open and I can say now with absolute honestly that I truly understand the importance of things like philosophy and spirituality and the importance of ancient culture.

Hard to explain, and my words can't do this experience justice.
I look forward to reading and contributing here!
3rd snippet:

"From my perspective, there are direct parallels with Advaita Vedanta and the sacred initiation gifted by plant teachers, whose magik is inherent within molecules, which are naturally imbibed by humankind as psychedelic medicines.  My highest peak moments occur to an ancient but simultaneously, a naked and infantile witness to this miraculous dance of life.  The I-thought is effectively frozen for a spell, as it is in complete stasis for a timeless pause, echoing into eternity.  Whomever is looking through this immediate lens of self, expressing a desire to be and become...  abiding in sheerest transparency of mind, is reborn anew to wonder and to awaken.  This conscious-awareness without identity is a primordial awareness without any quantifiable appearance, nor does it create any actor to play any specific part (to pretend to be a reality of individualized existentialism).  It is one with the nondual Source.  The eclipsing of self and Omniself is forever shrouded in complete and utter mystery.  Entheogens do have such a tremendous power to destroy and recreate any reality conceivable.  Even the emptiness of the great void becomes one's truest soul focus.  But only for a sacred moment.  5-MeO is IMO, the very pinnacle of such altered perceptual magik.  When the inside and the outside are interchangeable...  the whole field of energy re-absorbs the witness into the vibration of pure crystalline emptiness.

As I have experienced it, the sudden bloom sky rockets the perception of the temporal self deeply into a trance state, one ignited by the sounds of oscillating tonal frequencies, cascading bands of light creating music without melody.  Mesmerizing sounds, echoing and ringing-out from deep within and far beyond oneself, pull the perceptual axiom beyond all known boundaries.   An overtone scintillating higher still, further pulls the attention of the awakening dreamer from the tonal symphony to the single overtone.  This shifts the rapt attention into another dimension, one pulsing to a timeless rhythm.  As the chorus of harmonics blend into a single source...  The rumbling, fluttering droning of AUM becomes almost deafening yet so extraordinarily exquisite.  Even as the dissolving I-thought clings to it's imaginary form and substance, the sheer will power of the I-Am, stubbornly battles to rise into existential being, despite the approaching saturation/interphase into infinity...   the undifferentiated sea of non-dual, unitive consciousness (somehow abloom within an eternal, forever spontaneous, cyclical flow of creation, preservation and dissolution).

Just prior to a total white out experience and immediately after the immeasurable void becomes touched, experientially, whilst the ego is immersed within the truest core of oneself and travels far beyond oneself...  the voyager re-coalesces into a brand new being, altogether.  And despite retaining the dreamscape of one's own, unique personal history, a clear remembrance lingers enigmatically.  The soul once so eclipsed by the Divine presence, throughout the appex of the mystical peak, tastes immortality and expands into unbound silence, understanding that conscious-awareness exists freely, transcending the veil of the linear, time-space-continuum.  No thought, no conception, no ideas about anything at all.  One awakens to an effulgence of clear, unwaivering attention.  Refracting light without notion nor any iota of intention.  A highly profound attunement, incrementally changes the mind and heartbeat of the intrepid spirit traveler, from the relative field...  to the absolute field.  Even as ego-self takes hold of oneself, once again, it effectively re-crystallizes in unison within an intricate web of interwoven rays of clear white light (shining in ecstatic nirvana and sheerest bliss, imprinted by an eternal resplendence)."    _/|\_ _/|\_ 
Preparation and Integration / Drug Interactions
« Last post by Bradman49 on August 20, 2020, 01:18:41 PM »
I have a question about drug interactions with 5-MEO.  Does anyone have experience mixing 5-MEO with the drug Vivitrol? Or Chlorodiazepoxide(Librium)?  Are there any risks?
Introductions/Newbies / Drug Interactions
« Last post by Bradman49 on August 20, 2020, 01:10:34 PM »
Hello,[/size]I took a Vivitrol(Naltrexone) shot on July 29th.  This drug stays in your system for 30 days.  Does anybody have any experience with this?  I also take Chlorodizepoxide(LIBRIUM) almost daily.  Is this risky?  vitrol(Naltrexone) shot on July 29th.  I am having a ceremony tomorrow and I am concerned with any risks such as serotonin syndrome.  This drug stays in your system for 30 days.  Does anybody have any experience with this?  I also take Chlorodizepoxide(LIBRIUM) almost daily.  itrol(Naltrexone) shot on July 29th.  I am having a ceremony tomorrow and I am concerned with any risks such as serotonin syndrome.  This drug stays in your system for 30 days.  Does anybody have any experience with this?  I also take Chlorodizepoxide(LIBRIUM) almost daily.  This will be my fourth journey but am a little concerned about my safety this time.  The last 3 times I had none of these drugs in my system.  Thank you!
2nd snippet:

"While my ability to maintain my subjectivity was still intact, I tried to note some of the characteristics which the eclipsing imprints itself within the mind and heart of the psychonautical traveler. There were distinctly 5-MeO visual and sonic phenomena, unique from other psychedelics yet some aspects of it are similar to the highest peak elements of it's other entheogenic family members. Unlike most tryptamines and phenothylamines, this was not a rainbow-hued voyage into a spiralling, constantly changing and morphing fractal patterning. 

What I saw was almost like a pulsing black and white expanse, save for shimmering refractions of a green-blue teal color and purplish magenta.  It was an iridescent accent to the almost stark monochromatic scheme of the vertical trajectory reflected within my perceptual field.  I remember that while I was dissolving my identity, there were parallel bars of light to either side if my perceptual field.  One of the teal and one magenta.  They were symbiotic with one another, insofar as being refractions of a singular ray of immense light.  The third eye center was wide open but the force pushing a panoramic flowering of intricate geometry, one of exceedingly high energy and one of a subtle, translucency in it's humming tonality, shimmering in the nearly whited-out visionary brilliance.  As the appex of the peak approached, my consciousness shifted beyond place and time.  Self and other had lost all meaning.  The inside and the outside lost all differentiation. 

I had had such experiences before with high-dose clean LSD-25, psilocybin mushrooms and N,N-DMT but they came with a certain narrative, a kind of mythos and mystical resonance.  5-MeO, in my belief, generates a Samadhi experience and is more of a state in which both creates, encompasses and devours that energy pattern upon which the mythos and mystical play in waves of myriad spontaneous possibilities.  So, effectively, a fusion with this plane of being stops all thought.  I became enthralled by the sounds I was hearing from within my own head and seemingly, everywhere else's, as well.  It synced perfectly with the songs if the crickets, cicadas, birds and whistling summer breeze.  There is a distinct variance between the humming of the 5-MeO sonic strings and the Carrier Wave encountered with cousin N,N-DMT.  I always get this waving effect, sonically speaking, with the DMT sonics.  And with the Spirit Molecule, the sound is louder to me on the right side of my head (brain).  This was exactly like the parallel bars of light but the polarity was in pitch.  One vibrated at a higher tonal frequency, while the other at a lower octave.  Together, they created a wonderful resonance. 

Behind and deep with the paired tones, echoed a rumbling OM tone, vibrating in eternal splendor.  It became a roaring and even thunderingly prominent within my hearing range.  It absorbed my mind.  The droning was highlighted by a humming, buzzing higher ringing.  This seemed to melt into a stillness and deep silence.  It was as if a pause and unbound expanse of sheer empty space was poised on the subtle fringes of the symphony of sounds, sensations and intense energy pulsations.  Surely, if we conceptualize about this attribute of emptiness within the complexity of multidimensional extensions emanating out of this clear light of the Void, we might concur that it is much like the eye of some ethereal hurricane.  The immensity of the peak and ensuing whiteout experience are of the highest resonance I've ever encountered with any other Sacred Medicine, any other of the primary psychedelics.  Within the whiteout, I don't remember anything.  Everything was undifferentiated light.  There was no-thing to observe, as I was frozen as a witness and all there was was the unbroken source, the
place between birth and death, beyond time but always here as the ground upon which all life springs out of potentiality into reality. 

All there was...   is...  the unborn/undying permanence and eternal presence of The Divine.  Nothing can be written or said about the peak moment, set like a jewel sparkling ineffibley within it's own regal effulgence.  This was direct contact with the Godhead and willing surrender of myself.  Frankly, it was easy to sacrifice my ego, as it seemed now so unreal.  Less than a dream bubble.  "Pop".  As naught else existed, save the force drawing me into sheer oblivion (as it is everything all at once and no-thing, simultaneously), the little I that had been my notion of self for nearly 62 years now, could do nothing but freeze into a complete stasis.  Everything was so translucent and formless, that it became impossible to look at anything in particular.  Even the rapid beating of my heart had gone from nearly deafening, to oddly distant.  I was simply a floating luminance, a formless pulsing point of energy, one wholly united with an infinite field of symmetrical points.  Like a star lost in a nebulous sea of an unlimited expanse of an infinity of symbiotic starseeds.  OMG...  coming back was quite extraordinary and most euphoric."   
_/|\_ _/|\_
Thanks for the insights. I'm on a few groups and dosage for plugging is indeed all over the place. I've found a post (linked below) of someone who's really gone into depth with this ROA in general, and from what he says I get the sense that part of the variation between people is down to how they plug. Apparently the area of maximum absorption is pretty small, so the exact way you do it can place the substance right on the spot (100% immediate absorption) or just nearby (lower and slower absorption).


As for weighing, I've been experimenting with dissolving the FB in vodka, then evaporating it. I dissolved 100mg in 10ml (my $20 scales can weigh 100mg accurately enough), then I used a 1ml syringe to put exactly 1.5ml on a mirror and let it evaporate. I weighed it and it was spot on 15mg!!!

As for my plugging experiment in the coming days, I'm gonna start with 10mg, based on the theory that if I do it exactly right, it will be equivalent to 20mg vaped! If nothing at all happens, I'm gonna wait 2 hours then smoke 15mg with a mesh vape I built ([size=78%][/size])

My ego's got it all figured out, hahaha!

Amounts needed for plugging seem all over the board.  Not sure if you're on any other 5meo groups, but some other larger groups have more experimenters and as far as I can tell, it seems most (though not all) people need more when plugging than when smoking.  Also, most people get longer experiences from it, but mine seem to be about the same length as smoking.  Nottwo seems to luckily be on the more sensitive end of the scale.

And although it seems to take ~5 minutes to come on for most people, a few have said it came on within 60-90 seconds and they were NOT prepared and situated yet.  (Just wanted to give you a heads-up.)

This ROA just seems really variable from start out extremely low and see if you feel anything.  If nothing, double/triple your dose and try again :-)

As far as my smoking requirements, I guess I can't be sure if my FB has lost any potency over time or not, so that's a possibility.  Also, I find it pretty difficult to get an *ACCURATE* measurement with my $20 mg scale.  It's +/- 3mg accuracy, which is pretty big when using such a small amount.  So I weigh my dose several times to try to get a correct reading, but I don't have a jewelers scale like some on here do.  But assuming my FB is potent and my scale is accurate, when I've tried the 10-13mg level, I've always needed more to release.

Hopefully you're on the more sensitive side and can conserve your stash :-)

Let us know how it goes for you!

Wow, I'm really confused now... 20mg vaped sounds like a lot too, for synthetic. Whiteout level?

Also, I thought plugging meant you only needed half the dose of vaping. In this post they talk about 10 mg plugged being potentially equivalent to 20 mg vaped. That's with HCL in water, not FB in vinegar. Is FB in vinegar really that much weaker?

So sorry for the confusion - I meant that I and many others need 70ish mg when plugging, not when smoking!!!  When smoking, it's in the 20mg range.

I like the slower onset of plugging, but my FB quantity is limited, and found I didn't like how much I need with that ROA.
Thanks for the tip, I'll try the vinegar plugging.

Wow, 70mg?!?!?!?!? Smoking 10mg is plenty for me to get a full release, and 5mg is always hella intense. I can't even fathom 70mg, not even if it was N,N-DMT!
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