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« on: October 28, 2017, 01:39:59 PM »
My First Journey Experience

Wednesday morning I left my house at 4:30am to leave to the LAX airport. Major rush hour traffic happens on week days so my 1 1/2 drive turned into a 3 1/2 hour drive. My flight departed to Nashville TN at 8:15am and I'm panicking hoping to board the plane on time. I made it to the gate just at 8:11am..thank goodness.

When I landed, I was picked up from the airport by my mentor who I haven't seen in over a year and it was definitely great catching up with him and learning about his experiences with personal growth using sacred medicines. A week prior to my visit I was instructed to keep a clean diet free if any red meats, dairy, fleshed based foods, caffeine, stimulants and any sexual activity. It was easy for me since I became a vegetarian, quit caffeine and quit smoking nicotine back in April 2016.

We stopped by a store so I could pick up groceries since we weren't going to leave  the property for 3 days. I picked up some mash potatoes to-go from the deli and started eating it on the way back. After a short 20 min drive we get to his estate. I settle-in at the back guest house and prepare to meet him by the lake to catch up on life, business goals and most importantly discuss my intentions for being there.

My purpose was to find out what was holding me back from progressing in life. I wanted to know why I was shrinking from accepting the bigger responsibilities in my life in business, family relationships, and etc. I wanted to learn how to get in direct connection with spirit and be able to ground that into my day to day life so I can be alive and present in every single moment I exist. I wanted to know my purpose.

We were about to begin the first journey early in the evening but I made a mistake of eating on the way home from the airport when I was supposed to be in a fasted state so we went on a 5 mile walk through the hills to digest and burn off as much as possible.

On our hike, he asked me if I had any previous experience with any psychedelic substances. I've told him about my psilocybin experiences, lsd journeys, dmt experiences, mdma and cannabis experiences. I shared with him all the knowledge I learned about consciousness and spirituality over the years and he was quite surprised about what I knew at a quite a young age. He admitted that I was able to explain the principles of consciousness and spirituality better than most people he knew but there was one issue with that... The results I had in my life didn't show for it.  That was a big realization for me. The knowledge I possessed was not congruent with the actions I was taking in my life and therefore my results were not registering. That's when I realized that all of this "spiritual knowledge" I was able regurgitate was purely coming from ego and I was just entertaining myself with that information because I was not using them in practical ways to improve my life. I didn't have the results I said I wanted. Something inside was broken, not connecting the pieces.  I learned to humble myself and be very open to what I needed to learn so I can make the transformation once and for all. I knew I was ready to experience truth for the first time on my first journey.

Before we began, I waited in the back guest house warding off a stomach ache I got from walking so fast on the 5 mile hike. It was actually a challenge for me to keep up with someone 30 years older than myself 😅. The stomach ache was not a good feeling. My stomach felt like was compressing together with pain and anxiety because I was also getting nervous about the whole experience that I was about to embark on. It took at least an hour to disappear.

At about 7pm we get prepared for the ceremony. Sage and Palo Santo were used to clear the space of any unwanted energies. There were many candles lit in the room, and music playing on a portable Bose sound system. The first song on the playlist was Devi Prayer by Craig Pruess and Ananda. As I sit on the bed the procedure was explained to me on how to inhale the vaporized medicine from this medical grade vaporizer. After the first dose (20-30mg) which would last about 5-8 minutes he would give me the second dose (100mg). Right before we initiated the journey, my mentor looked at me with great sincerity and said "This is the best gift I could ever share with you" he smiled and ignited the glass. I went to inhale the vapor deeply and held in everything absorbing all the medicine into my body.

I can literally feel myself losing my body and entering the gates of eternity. It was a place of familiarity, more familiar than the physical realm. It was a pulsing connection, a connection of every fiber that was my being attached to everything that ever was. The great power was causing anxiety but I remembered to breathe and allow my self to let go and surrender to the eternal experience. After what felt like 20 minutes, I was laid back up and given the full 100mg dose. At that point I lose complete identification with the egoic construct and energy began to surge through my entire being which began to fill up all the totality of existence and the entire feeling was just pure energy. Pure vibration. Nothing more and nothing less. I was eternal energy at that point. Where all things come from and return back to. It was a very overwhelming experience. The music was like a lullaby to the conception of birth and death happening simultaneously within the eternal existence. Right then and there I was getting impulses and downloads from the Akasha, it was a message that I later wrote down in my journal that night and those 3 things were

1. Why am I living a life to please others and to meet their expectations?
2. Why am I feeling this sense of guilt?
3. Why am I not feeling totally in the present, my mind was tending to wander as I began to come back to physical reality.

That night I had vivid dreams with real life scenarios that displayed those 3 things I wrote down. There was no coincidence that my unconscious mind was finally bringing these issues to my attention in my dream.

The next morning i woke up and went outside and prayed that today's journey would uncover the answers to my questions I received the previous night. It was a beautiful morning. Stay tuned I will be writing about my second journey with toad medicine. Peace and prosperity to all 🙏🏼✨

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Re: FIRST 5 MEO JOURNEY 10/26/16
« Reply #1 on: October 28, 2017, 08:19:57 PM »
Just awesome, xmatthewxsaes.

And lucky, lucky you!  Please share the next experiences you have with the Sacred molecule.  Can you elucidate your perceptual field, as in the visions, sounds, sensations that occurred as your ego-self dissolved into the the infinite light of Divine Being?  Please do so if it suits your fancy.  And travel deep and travel home, amigo.   8)
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Re: FIRST 5 MEO JOURNEY 10/26/16
« Reply #2 on: October 29, 2017, 02:05:10 PM »
Hey there! Welcome to the Hive!

As you can now see, there is an area opened up specifically for experience reports. Could you kindly post your experience in there?

Welcome, and we are excited to have you here :)