Author Topic: 5meo-dmt Saved my life  (Read 1240 times)

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5meo-dmt Saved my life
« on: December 10, 2017, 09:11:10 AM »
Hi all,

About 6 months ago I went to Mexico for a long time opiate addiction. I was first treated with Ibogaine, followed a bit later by 3 nights of ayahuasca and then finally awhile after that 5meo-dmt. Leading up to both aya and 5 I couldn’t understand the concept of treating a drug addict with what I co side red to be more drugs. Boy was I wrong, the Ibogaine broke the addiction but the aya and especially 5meo did what I believe is the one thing no amount of rehab and maybe only years of sober living will do for a opiate addict. Beyond just the physical addiction opiates suck the life out of the individual and this often goes untreated and the addict is thrown baxk into the world to fend for themselves. 5meo helped to awaken the spark in my life and revive my “lost soul”.

If anyone is tnhinking about trying this medicine for similar reasons or if anyone simply has any questions I will gladly answer them and provide recommended facilities right over the border in Mexico if you would like.

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Re: 5meo-dmt Saved my life
« Reply #1 on: December 10, 2017, 09:14:52 AM »
Thank you for sharing this powerful experience! If you feel comfortable, it would be powerful sharing in more detail how the 5 helped you recover from your addiction. This can be posted in the Experiences section for further discussion and so that your experience can be more easily located than getting lost in the long list of intro posts.

A great pleasure to have you here. Thank you for healing.

All the best,

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Re: 5meo-dmt Saved my life
« Reply #2 on: December 11, 2017, 01:43:35 AM »
 As someone who has suffered with opiate addiction, I am so happy to hear about your success. Opiates truly do suck the life out of you. My wife is in pain management and is past the "in love" "phase, and the "I can make this work if I can just" phase, where she has realized it is unsustainable. She is now in stases. She tried ketamine recently to attempt to begin tackling addiction issues. She insisted on going in without music, which I think is a mistake. She kept having ego death over and over again. Something I seek, but freaks her out. She was talking to me and said something very revealing:

"I'm sick of it and I want it to stop." I asked, "The trip? The ego death?" She said, "No. I'm sick of being dead, all the time. I want to be alive again. I'm dead every day because of these opiates."

 It freezes you up. It locks up your humanity and turns you into a vessel that seeks and absorbs opiates.

I wonder, do you feel like the Ibogaine did the work to break the addiction and the Aya and then 5 cemented that work in place? I've been working with ketamine and I've started vaporizing nn-dmt after the peak. I was told to do this by dmt entities, in ketamine space. I obliged and seem to be having great success.

 I'm glad the 5-meo saved your life. I wonder if I'll try it some day. I sort of hope I do.