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Curious about thoughts/dangers of people who Advertise the work

Started by Carlitos, April 19, 2018, 08:25:53 AM

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Hi everyone...

Although I dont see a lot of it, I see enough people advertising the fact that they do toad work that it has caused me grave concern on at least two recent occasions. One of these people created an event on FB that would take place within the Continental US and invited 500 people. Plain and clear "5MEO" and "Bufo" language was visible, as was pricing.

I dont know how people feel about this, but I dont advertise, and I think its a really bad idea when people do. If you dont already know, in the U.S., 5MEO is classified a Schedule 1 Controlled Substance that carries a Class 1 Federal Felony charge. It is also equally illegal to advertise a Schedule 1 Controlled Substance. The only USAGE/POSSESSION exception is for religious use, which I and many of you adhere to as a REGISTERED member of a federally-recognized medicine church, but it is still illegal for those churches to advertise.

Some of you dont have this problem in your home countries, but for those of us who do, I would like to hear your thoughts about it and how you deal with potentially threatening scenarios and people. Does this group ever intercede?

Although I honor and appreciate the sentiment, it does not help here to respond with something like, "I'm not concerned, I know Spirit protects me."  Rather, I feel it's important to always have frank and open discussion about legal potentialities, penalties and protections.

Please share.


Great point here Carlitos.

I find this to be highly concerning and alarming. I have seen this kind of phenomena happening on FB, though I have been distancing myself from the FB toad/5-MeO communities and focusing more on speaking with individuals and cultivating the 5 Hive. I think that when people advertise these ceremonies they are putting not only themselves but others in danger, ESPECIALLY since they are making public announcements inviting over 500 people. That's not only asking for arrests but also asking for this medicine to gain attention of legislators that could hinder or halt any research that is being formally done to make this medicine clinically available to those who need it most.