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5meo rectal with maoi oral & mix mdma with 5-meo

Started by renaciendo, April 30, 2019, 02:55:01 AM

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Have you used 5meodmt after taking MAOI?

no I never did
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yes i did
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Hi I wanted to ask if someone else has experience using MAOI  and after 30~40 minutes plugging 5meoDMT

I use Siria rue extract orally  and after 30-40 minutes I plugg between 5 and 10 mg 5meo-HCL.

I also used MDMA as MAOI.

The effect stays for a long time and there's no negative side effects.yes one should be very careful with the dosage,

because if you take too much you are some time "gone".

I did it several times.
Never use 5 orally after maoi.
This brings sever problems.

Has anyone experienced 5-meo rectal after maoi or after mdma?


This is a very unsafe combination. MDMA is not an MAOI and should not be used as such. Both of these drugs increase heart rate and could cause unnecessary damage to the heart. This should not be repeated.