Author Topic: Looking for facilitation/guidance for first time experience  (Read 24 times)

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Looking for facilitation/guidance for first time experience
« on: January 12, 2020, 11:07:42 PM »
 I am in the process of a divorce, but with a possibility to make amends and be a family again. It’s become clear to me that I cannot get past our 15 year history of conflict and my own personal inner turmoil is wrecking any chance of saving this.
In college, I was very experienced with mdma, ghb and ketomine (Special K.) I know that these substances will not achieve what I’m hoping to accomplish. I’ve done a lot of research on 5-meo-dmt and would like to start experiencing the possible benefits from this type of therapy. The hope is to help guide/learn/reveal what steps I need to take to help resolve my emotional issues and kill my ego. Ultimately, hope to restore my broken family.
I am a professional person where the amount of time off work and expense of a retreat is prohibitive at this point. I am by myself and looking for an experienced trustworthy individual to help facilitate this process in the Southern California area.
If this process helps me, I would like to help facilitate my business partner, who is a recovering alcoholic, and help him with the daily struggles of sobriety.
Thank you
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