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Thank you
« on: January 25, 2020, 05:20:09 AM »
Thanks so much for this initiative, I'm very grateful to be here, to learn from and share with you all. I'm a regular guy in his 40's, live a western lifestyle, like to keep fit, I eat well, run my own company, have family, live well and meditate daily. However, growing up I tended to suffer, not from such a bad life, but I was suffering. It wasn't until later that I became aware of my hyper sensitivity. I was a highly sensitive person and hadn't been taught how to manage it effectively. With that realisation, I became aware that a lot of my suffering wasn't even mine, I felt it and had internalised it into my own stories, but a lot of the crap I'd been working to overcome, wasn't even mine. I was on the self development path, which saw me read lots of books, do lots of workshops, courses, etc and also experiment with a number of recreational drugs (alcohol, LCD, marijuana, speed, ecstasy) and some prescription, which either numbed the sensitivity or changed my whole perception on reality. Collectively this all showed me that I wasn't the noise in my head, nor the emotions that I was feeling... In time I found what I needed from meditation (so rarely indulge now in party stuff), through my collective practices and intention, I feel like I realised some level of inner peace. So now what?! Carry water, chop wood. I'm super excited to continue to explore consciousness and contribute what I can to the collective evolution of consciousness. I love where I can get to when I meditate, but I've found my edges with that.  I've only known about 5MeO DMT for around 6 months and have since had 5 trips on Bufo Alvarius and wow, those edges get moved to God and beyond. I'm allowing life to unfold and I anticipate that will involve experiencing more trips... I can't help but feel that 5MeO will change paradigms in ways totally unimaginable from where we can see into now. Will share more in the respective threads on my experiences to date and ask questions that I have. Thanks again for bringing this community of explorers together. I'm so grateful to be here. Love
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Re: Thank you
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