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this is it
« on: August 29, 2020, 02:58:51 AM »
Hi everyone,very glad to have found this!So yes, a bit about me. I've been interested in psychedelics since my youth but just a few acid and mushroom trips until my "psychedelic renaissance" last year when I finally found an Ayahuasca provider that I felt comfortable with. I've done 6 ceremonies since then, heard about Bufo at one of the retreats - and felt very intrigued.
I am mainly seeking therapeutic effects (trauma release) but also, I have been wildly curious about the mysteries of life and death and everything beyond since I can remember.
I have done Bufo twice now since July, not sure I have the guts to do it again soon since both trips had some very challenging moments and I understand how powerful this drug is and how little possibility there is to influence the trip consciously (on Aya most of the time it's still possible to observe what state I'm in and to influence the direction of the trip or self-regulate a bit via the breath or grounding in the body etc).
Ever since Bufo, I haven't stopped reading whatever I can, listening to podcasts etc. to learn more about it. I feel so strongly that if there is a gateway to the truth behind everything - 5 is it. Nothing is more interesting to me right now than that, simply put.
I'm here to learn from others and their experiences and pick on your brains a bit. Thank you  :) _/|\_
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