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Saved My Life

Started by BrianK, June 14, 2023, 04:16:56 PM

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I have long suffered from PTSD and the only way out (so I thought) there was no coming back from.  I even almost succeeded a few times to destroy what little was left of me.  I was fortunate to have come across this natural substance and with some incredibly gracious guidance and support, I feel like this saved my life...better than that, it showed me a new life.  After vaporizing all I knew to exist into tiny bits of light and energy I found the pure white light and then emptiness - absolutely nothingness and, for me, it was comforting and all enveloping - like a hug from a loving grandparent.  In fact, as I was coming out of it, I didn't want to leave, but when asked if I needed to go back by the facilitator, I very consciously said "no - the rest is on me".  I knew and felt this to be 100% fact - as much as gravity.  I then cried, smiled and laughed for ten minutes as the great irony poured over me that the power has always been within me (it is within us all) but this was merely a key to opening that door.  I am forever changed and incredibly grateful for it.