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Started by Flux, April 27, 2017, 12:17:25 AM

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Awakenings: Dr Juan

James Oroc author of Tryptamine Palace€ discusses his 1st experience with 5-MeO-Dmt,

Martin Ball - 5 MEO-DMT, Energy, The Ego and Non-Duality, from Breaking Convention 2015

Modern Uses of Ancient Medicines, Octavio Rettig,

The Experiment at La Rosacita: Uncut File Footage, from Aya Awakenings

The Evolutionary Entrepreneur: From Ayahuasca to the 5-MEO-DMT Toad, Speaking the Unspeakable

The Toad of Dawn: 5-MeO-DMT and the Rise of Cosmic Consciousness

Toad to Nowhere

5-MeO-DMT: What You Need to Know, The Drug Classroom 2017


Deep Toad,

Dr. Octavio Rettig Hinojosa: 5MeODMT - The Sacred Toad,

ERIE presents: Bufo Alvarius (Sonoran Desert Toad): 5-Meo-DMT and its role in humankind,

Getting High with a Hallucinogenic Toad Prophet VICE

Licking the Toad and remembering that you're god: A 5-MeO DMT ceremony,

Ralph Metzner and 5 MeO DMT

"The GOD Molecule€, Psyched Substances  (5-MeO¦)

The God Molecule 5 Meo Dmt Manchester Lecture With Dr.Gerry, Parts 1 to 6,

The Light of the Toad of Light (5-MeO-DMT) by Sebastian Job – filmed at Entheogenesis Australis 2016

The Shamanic Toad Panel Discussion with Dean Jefferys, Rak Razam, Dan Schreiber and Jewelli Deva,

Using 5-MeO-DMT To Become Enlightened - Interview With Martin Ball

5-MeO-DMT Awareness Day: 'Cinco de Sapo'! with poem by The Teafaerie, Aware Project,

5-MeO-DMT - The Magic Pill To Enlightenment & God