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Onyx Flux

Started by Flux, May 01, 2017, 02:41:55 AM

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Onyx Flux

Silver fractal shards pour into my sight,
spiralled out and piping in - a sudden liquid light.
Yielding to an emptiness, a space at once replete,
with boundless black expanse, infinite and complete.

Unfolding diamond-laden vista, quartz and crystalline, 
each-in-all and all-in-each, endless myriad facets shine.
In charged electric ether-sphere, a brilliant lightening white,
brings from depths within, an arcane obsidian night.

Sound vibrates this space in time and into being creates,
a vastly liminal zone; a pure awareness state.
An omnipresent force propels, the surge to rise and grow,
with pulsing, phasing current in eternal ebb and flow.

A vibratory purge, a harmonising clean,
Orgasmic oscillation of frequency unseen. 
In somatic symmetry of tension-borne release,
this fluid state of flux, reflects an inner peace.

Translucent beads of potency in molten motion course,
through quicksilver rivulets to the heart of source.
As Spirit moves in everything, everywhere and everywhen,
Its purity of perfection arrives at home again.

This body, I, a vessel see - the breath of life is me,
In gratitude of energy and re-membering to be.
From alpha to omega flows, eternal animation's shape,
Always here, always now- essence of is-ness agape.

As onyx mindscape dissolution, finds the centre core,
of true, eternal, love divine in soulgasm evermore.
Open - open - ever open... to receive with bliss; serenity,
in stillness grace abounds, wholly-holy integrity.


Ahhhhhhhhh. This is awesome! Thanks for sharing.
The beginning and the end of everything is GOD... a cosmic spring, the ultimate truth: LOVE.


I had a hard time not breaking through on that one. thank you.  I feel like people really don't have any sense in what I'm saying when I try to explain a similar experience. abstract or exactly dead on. I feels.


That's what this place is for! It's hard to find others who "get it".


Quote.. in stillness grace abounds, wholly-holy integrity.

This. Yes. Wholly, holy integrity.
The essence of presence & purpose.