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Are the tides starting to turn?

Started by Shy Violet, December 01, 2017, 08:04:04 AM

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Shy Violet

I have been feeling somewhat relieved that after years of endless positive PR for the bufo "doctors", in recent weeks, after the release of the Hamilton's pharmacopeia episode on the toad, much dialogue around the unethical practices of these facilitators has sparked up around facebook, and the fabricated myth of the Seris has been finally put into question. It is alarming to see that it appears to be the case that there are already others who are following in on the footsteps of these facilitators, and they are quick to point out that while the Seris did NOT use toad ancestrally, other tribes like the Yaquis and the Tohono did. It was refreshing to see the deleted scene where a Yaqui psychologist and a few Yaqui elders make it clear that while the tribe has a long history of revering the toad in their Konti Bobok procession ceremony, the reason for doing so is not the "ancient sacred medicine ritual", but because of the toad's role in bringing their crops to life with water.

The same woman who facilitated access to the Seri tribe for OR, went to the territory where the Tohono reside two years ago and manipulated them into believing the same string of lies that was used on the Seris, and they of course, bought it too and are now profiteering directly from the toad and even wanting to get political support for a "productive project" (read toad farms) to supply Europe's demand.

As the Yaqui psychologist clearly states in the deleted scene "Ni esta tribu, ni ninguna otra" = "Not this tribe, nor any other" in Sonora ever used toad as medicine. The Mesoamerican cultures is a different story and all i know is that any putative conclusions made about their use are laden with cognitive biases for self-serving purposes.

After a week or so of the newly revamped facebook group that is exposing one of the doctor's fraudulent schemes, i have to say i am feeling a bit dismayed at how that seems to be evolving. I can understand wanting to use comedy to lighten the load of what opening one's eyes to the reality of the situation entails, but i personally find it lacking respect and consideration to the seriousness of the situation.

The herpetologist featured in the above mentioned episode has graciously donated his time posting on the various facebook groups and unlike other posts that have generated high traffic and volumes of comments, his poignant perspective seems to be going largely unnoticed. There are people discussing "seeing in each other in the desert next summer", and that to me is a huge red flag that some people do not get it.

The toads dont need to be saved, no donations need to be made to purchase land to breed them, the toads need to be left alone, undisturbed as they have been over the last 10 million years that they have adapted to the unique landscape of the Sonoran desert.

As i mention in my initial post on this forum:
"The dissonance between what people say and what they do is concerning. Please, let's all wake up and get it right. What a wondrous opportunity this could be to rise above ignorance, greed, and stubbornness. If it wasn't so tragic, it would be almost comical to think that while pursuing enlightenment and healing for the world, we are compromising the viability of the little peaceful creature we claim to love so.  What a powerful lesson the toad is trying to instill in us, don't you think? It is almost like a cosmic test... let's not fail this, let's rise, use our deepest human wisdom and transcend the pattern of anthropocentrism and narcissistic tendencies that have characterized our species. "

I think this is a monumental task because it requires people being really attuned to themselves and open to reflections offered by others in order to become mindful of what may be blindspots in our perspective, as well as the humility to alter one's perception to act in accordance and congruence with one's highest values.

Romantic spiritualism to me represents an ecological disaster waiting to happen. I hope i am wrong, but unfortunately, i get the feeling that while the facebook group is serving an important transitory purpose, it may quickly de-evolve into back and forth commentary that finds a way to justify continuing the summer invasion of the Sonoran desert landscape which will only contribute to the decimation of what people claim to love the most. I trust this forum can serve the purpose of getting us out of that deluded loophople. Thoughts?

Thank you for reading.

Shy Violet :)


QuoteThe toads dont need to be saved, no donations need to be made to purchase land to breed them, the toads need to be left alone, undisturbed as they have been over the last 10 million years that they have adapted to the unique landscape of the Sonoran desert.

This point is especially important in my opinion. The toads were fine before humans entered the equation.

I have also noticed that Facebook discussions become these emotionally-fueled echo chambers as people clamor for likes, notifications, and reactions to their posts. My hope is also that this forum can serve as a place where people can share their thoughts and feelings coming from Wise Mind rather than Emotional Mind and therefore engage in a dialogue that is constructive and uniting. The 5-MeO-DMT community is more fragmented than ever, and it is due to a lack of congruence between values and action.

Thank you Shy Violet for making your post and starting this conversation here. +1  _/|\_

Acasta Gneiss

There is a reckoning occurring. I have only caught clips of Hamilton's toad episode,but have heard lots of people talking about it.

The issues that turn people off to synthetics need tip be identified and addressed, I feel the community should begin advocating more for using synthetics, even if it means giving advice on how to navigate the internet or lab TEKs. I know that the nexus,for example, would passionately dissuade this, but 'regular ol' dmt is easy to produce. It is good that 5 is more rare, but we should help people access it in other ways than the toad.

Personally, idk the first thing in this, both times I received a vial, it just happened.

As for personalities, it is unfortunate to me to see what has or is happening to Gerry. I was initially struck by what seemed to be a humble man, but a visit to his FB reveals a certain megalomania going on that seems directly related to his prodigious venom and other drug consumption.


There have been some discussions happening around people using plant sources that are available as an alternative. Perhaps more work in this arena will yield better results for the Toad and a better relationship between mankind and this molecule.