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BEST PRACTICES from The Conclave

Started by The Conclave, May 24, 2018, 08:15:39 PM

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The Conclave

In recognition of the global 5-MeO-DMT community's call for support in structuring its own growth, safety and integration, a Conclave of allied servants, for the first time, breaks its silence to deliver a sound yet vibrant communication.

The living, iterative document attached here (one must be logged in to the forum in order to access it) is a set of suggested guidelines–not rules–drawn from a wisdom pool of many practitioners, and is intended to stimulate community discussion and to create a foundation for consensus and agreement on Best Practices moving forward.

May it be met with peace, receptivity, and fellowship.

All is One.

The Conclave
Specific comments (please include page number referenced) and general feedback are welcome in the thread to this post.


This is an important and historic document. Recommended reading for anyone on the path. Thanks to those who put this together. Hey Conclave how about a specific one on Choosing a practitioner or questions to ask a Practitioner before choosing.


I believe what you are requesting can be found within the document already. I just finished reviewing it and it is incredibly thorough.

The members of the Temple are very pleased to see this document released to the community.

Deepest Thanks & Blessings,


The Conclave

This latest version (9) of the Best Practices sees an update on page 11, first paragraph:

"Sexual energy may arise in a participant in ceremony and a facilitator's role is to hold space, not engage with that. It is not being encouraged, simply acknowledged, that ethical protocols should be generated and adhered to by practitioners in regards to establishing appropriate boundaries in terms of any potential romantic and/or intimate relating with participants beyond the ceremony. This should provide for an appropriate amount of integration time to occur (allowing for any projections or 'guru' imprinting to dissipate) before engaging in such activity."


I would argue that at no point should any facilitator engage in romantic/sexual relations with clients. This is true for all helping professions.

Rising Spirit

Word.  Let's keep what's sacred, purely sacred.  Love is an infinite gift.  One without measure or price.  Wisdom reveals everything that's needed AND all that is required is direct immersion.  An eclipsing of oneself and Godself...  as there is no difference.   <3
There is no self to which I cling, for I am one with everything.