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Dosing question

Started by HareKrishna, June 03, 2018, 06:04:39 PM

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I wanted to ask about dosing, just so I don't waste medicine unnecessarily!  I'm having a full release after
One first dose of 30 mg Bufo
20 minutes
Second dose of 55 mg Bufo
Full release
And there's no doubt I'm getting a full release
The truth is I'm still a little hesitant to go above 60 on a first dose. I really need that handshake dose still. Plus I don't  know if the cumulative effect of those 30 mgs is what allows me to break trough with the next one at just 55.

Clearly, no one knows but me and I gotta keep experimenting. I guess the question is. Is there something you could tell me to loosen up the fear of going straight into a bigger dose and skip the "handshake" dose?


I've been experiencing full release with 43-47mg on the first dose with no handshake...


It is often best to trust intuition and how one feels before going into these experiences.


The amount needed for full release is quite variable. I white out at 100 mg of toad while 50-60 does it for me. YMMV