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How to test 5meodmt!? Where to send!?

Started by HareKrishna, August 18, 2018, 12:47:58 PM

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Someone mention Sasha Shulgin s lab? How do you do that? Someone said: dancesafe? Is it reliable? Someone said: send it to energycontrol in Spain!? Any efficient suggestions?! It kinda smells like 5 but it doesn't look like the one hcl I had before, this one is perfectly white crystal and it doesn't smell quit as sweet rosy. Help


Good question! As of right now, it seems that Energy Control is the best place to have substances tested in terms of how efficient they are in processing samples.


If purchased as a research chemical, many distributors will forward the results of their analyses if requested (often 1H NMR and some type of chromatography). There's some conflict of interest there though.