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Dr Gerry - accusations

Started by MagicMexico, November 25, 2018, 07:50:45 AM

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I'm not posting this to judge anyone but I think it would be very wise for anyone considering using the services of Dr Gerry (Dr Gerardo Sandoval) to be acquainted with the multiple allegations against this person. At the very least he is responsible for letting down large numbers of people who paid for a session with him. However the allegations go much further to him pocketing money that was to be paid to the nebulous Bufo Foundation, to organisers and to customers who never got to see him. One allegation of rape is particularly disturbing but this is a charge for which he should personally answer. I suggest anyone requiring more information on this subject should go to "Beware the Bufo Gangsters" on Facebook where people are able to air their particular grievances against him.


Thank you for bringing this to light. I was hoping the creator of that group would share his experience on the forum as well but for now all the info stays locked on Facebook. I would also urge people to review those allegations and think carefully before working with this person.