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Integrating with depression

Started by tjunes, October 01, 2019, 12:16:14 PM

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i have suffered from depression for almost two decades. Severity of the depression has changed a lot over time, and in general it is pretty difficult to even assess anymore, since it has become sort of the new noral for me. I have tried most antidepressants as well as psychotherapy, to find not much of a help there. As a sort of last resort, I just got introduced to 5-MeO-DMT and had my first trips last weekend. I almost immediately noticed that my depression was gone, and I was in fact able to feel genuine happiness as well as sadness as soon as the most acute effects of the molecule were out of system.

I have been trying to stay connected to this feeling for the last few days, nurturing and taking care of myself, but right now I start feeling the depression rushing in again. I don't really know any reason why this would be happening, beyond to the obvious slight disappointment that the world just keeps going the way it always has even tohough I have now received something very important and precious.

So I'm just interested if anyone has similar experiences, or any pointers to reports or stories with 5meo and depression? I do have a plan of all sorts of integration practices, and I also do acknowledge that sometimes things may go backwards too. I'm not too worried about this right now, but of course would be really happy to be more prepared and aware in case my overall mood starts creeping back to depression mode.


Hello tjunes,

It oftentimes makes sense that people who use 5-MeO-DMT to treat chronic mental illness may experience an increase or return of symptoms after having a session that brings relief. It is in these stages where symptoms come back that there is an opportunity to pay attention to how they come back and to see what it would mean to work with those symptoms as guides for healing. I think seeing this as a healing process rather than something that has to take the depression away in one day can be helpful going forward. This can also help maximize the efficacy of integration tools you may utilize.


I have a loved with severe treatment resistant depression. She benefited a lot from 5.  I would recommend it.