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Qestion about Physical Safety During Reactivations

Started by SenseOrgan, October 04, 2022, 03:19:07 AM

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My introduction to 5 is getting close, and I've asked a friend if I can stay at his place afterwards since I live alone. I told my friend about the possibility of (nightly) reactivations, upon which he asked me if he needed to know more about how to act in that case. The biggest concern is safety. If a full blown reactivation happens at night and I'm in bed, how likely is this going to be dangerous in the sense of harming myself physically as is a concern after smoking 5? Thanks for your input in advance.


To my knowledge, no one has ever had a problem with physical safety during reactivations unless they had a history of self-harm tendencies.


Thank you for your answer. It went well. No nightly reactivations happened then. I welcomed the ones that did happen much later.